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Red was not into Liz's idea that she should take time off for her baby, because he doesn't want her to have a baby, because he thinks or knows that Tom her husband is very evil. And just like whenever Red opens his mouth about literally anything, Liz immediately hit pause on the baby plans. Then Red went to Diane Fowler's house and straight up murdered the shit out of her, as the entire Anslo Garrick gambit was her fault: Making the Fitch faction's point that Red's not safe, even in the Post Office that was invented to keep him safe.


Jennifer Ehle is looking full-on crazy and balls-to-the-wall glamorous in her gloves as she explains to the bank guy about how her husband, Raymond Reddington, has recently died and that means she has to come open this safe deposit box with a key she stole off Red back in the day. She pretends to be super sad, clearly enjoying the drama, and then once she has whatever it is in there, she hightails it out grinning like a maniac and disappears into the crowd.


Red is living today in a ridiculous mansion that has art everywhere, and what he is doing is getting needles to the face. He's kind of excited that messes are happening, and even more excited when he sees the note left by Catwoman:

Windsor Lounge, 8 pm. M.


You can tell by the Dave Brubeckian music playing that we are having a swanky meetup with Red's equivalent of Irene Adler: A comparison that you would do well to remember, since I'm pretty sure that's what we're going for.

Ehle: "I got that key from you in Macau, last winter. I am always doing stuff like that!"
Red: "Man, I hate Macau. Also I hate that you stole the equivalent of $10M in whatever Macguffin documents were in that box."
Ehle: "It's because you stood me up in Florence one time."
Red: "It's so fun that we can have these vague conversations about exotic locales and I've trained the audience to just let their imaginations run free about what happened there."
Ehle: "Do you want to do a heist? Also we can do it if you feel like it."


Whatever the opposite of glamorous Thomas Crown-on-Thomas Crown action is, that's the Keens.

Tom: "Oh nothing. I was just avoiding telling our friends Brian and Katie that you are ruining our lives together by not wanting to neglect our imaginary baby."

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The Blacklist




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