The Blacklist
Harrison Lee

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I Am An Improvised Explosive Device
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Tom Keen married his wife Liz two years ago at the behest of a group out of Berlin, to investigate her ties to Red Reddington. After Red engineered a partial fail of his cover story he went dark, and Lucy Brooks went undercover as Jolene to smoke him out. A few of the Blacklist entries seemed to help her in this pursuit, but Red was using them to draw her out too. When Red's investigator caught the two of them together, Tom killed them both, but may be calling quits on his whole mission.


An NSA man, Nathan, is working on a very special bomb that can blow up the whole internet and digital infrastructure of a country. Today he is having computer problems inside a black site. Everything's going berserk! He can't even unplug the internet in time! Somebody named "Ivan" is hacking their files, and so he follows protocol by snagging the prototype of the device and vamooses. On the outside of his job it just looks like a TV repair shop.

Unfortunately, this Ivan character already has Watch Dogs power over his airbags, not to mention grid control, so before you know it the man has crashed his car and died! Ivan grabs the device and runs off in a little beanie, and that's a wrap on dead guy. So long. You had a strong profile before it was smashed to pieces by science fiction tricks.


Mr. Kaplan: "Good morning, Red and Dembe. Do you like my mysterious ways?"
Red: "Not as much as I love your jacket! Is this vicuña wool?"
Mr. Kaplan: "Just like brought down Eisenhower's Chief of Staff. Hey, look at these dead bodies I randomly found."
Red: "Well, that's two problems. One is the lady that is bothering my Lizzy, and the other one is a mean cowboy. When did they die?"
Mr. Kaplan: "Something like a week ago. I can do a field autopsy..."
Red: "That would be adorable! But no, I already know who killed them."
Mr. Kaplan: "Okay, I will make like a visitor to our national parks and leave no trace on this shallow grave crime scene."
Red: "And I'll call 911, to report a missing bitch with Crazy Eyes."


Liz: "Check out this dumb toy I got for you to take to work! Kids love this crap. It's a plastic hippo where the butt lights up!"
Tom: "If my cover job were my real job I would take a moment to think about what you just said and all of my choices."

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The Blacklist




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