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Anslo Garrick, Conclusion

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Better Red Than Dead
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Previously on James Spader and a Bunch of Stiffs Who Are Not James Spader, an old enemy of Reddington’s infiltrated the FBI’s BlackOps site so that he could capture Reddington for doubtlessly nefarious purposes. In the process, he shot up a lot of things, not the least of which was Ressler’s leg. Meanwhile, Keen acted like a one-woman wrecking crew, plucking off bad guys while trying to restore the building’s knocked-out communications system. Boy, if only a recap of last week’s show was readily available so we didn’t have to rely on this Previously segment to bring us all up to speed!

Anyhow, we’re back where we left off with Reddington and the severely injured Ressler inside the SpaderCage. Garrick is on the outside, and a soon-to-be growing pile of bodies next to Garrick if someone doesn’t unlock that cage pretty darn quickly. Next to get a bullet in the head is Dembe, and perhaps you remember last week’s show ending with a "Th… Th… That’s All Folks!" gunshot that implied Garrick had pulled the trigger. But what you didn’t know is that the shot was actually fired by Twitchy IT Guy who not only has restored a wireless signal to the building but also gunned down the henchmen who had captured Keen. Pretty sneaky narrative trickery there, producers of 'The Blacklist'! Anyhow, the trouble with gunshots is that they tend to draw attention from other henchmen, and it isn’t long before Keen and Twitchy IT Guy are captured, this time for good. But they’ve been able to call in for backup and Dembe doesn’t join Luli in the pantheon of deceased Reddington worker bees, so it’s a net win all around.

Unfortunately, Reddington has a difficult time masking his concern when Keen is dragged into the room, and Garrick notices this little tell of his. Congratulations, Lizzie, you’re the next contestant on Bullet to the Brain, the fun new game show where someone either lets Garrick into the SpaderCage or you go home with the lovely parting gift of a bullet in the brain. Reddington decides that this silliness has gone on long enough and decides to revive a passed-out Ressler to get the code from him. That he does so by applying pressure directly to Ressler’s leg wound suggests that Reddington could stand to work on his bedside manner. That he threatens to play his own game of Bullet to the Brain with Ressler further drives home the point that Reddington isn’t fooling around.

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