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Season 15, Episode 7

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Pride on Three

Previously: Ruben returned! After six weeks of Blue Team domination, the Red Team finally won a challenge. At the weigh-in, the Blue Team also came in last, and Bob used the final trainer save on Matt. Now that the save is gone, maybe Bob's moustache will be eliminated as well. Keep hope alive!

We begin with Tanya talking to Matt about his save. He's very emotional and upset about the situation, and thinks the save has been wasted. By the end of the episodeā€¦he will in fact KNOW that this is true. But for now, Tanya tells him not to get messed up in the head, and he decides to suck it up and focus on the week ahead.

The next morning, we hear screams of pain. It's Jay, doing push-ups (in his cowboy hat, naturally) in the gym with Jillian. And if there's anything that Jillian loves, it's the sound agony first thing in the morning. We are reminded that the White Team is down to three players and they are trying not to lose any more. Meanwhile, the Red Team is five strong, and Dolvett would like to see his players as the last five standing. He's ready to push them harder than ever. We then cut to the Blue Team delivering Bob a birthday present in a box -- it is what appears to be an Olympic t-shirt, apparently gifted by Holley. Those two have bonded, and despite his TV coming out later in this episode, I think Bob maaaaaaaay eventually go straight for Holley. Bob reminds them that it's "thanksgiving," and Matt is thankful for his save. And with all trainer saves used, the person with the least weight lost on the losing team will automatically go home. Bob yells at his team to use the lost weigh-in as a motivation, and also says that he's going to beat the turkey gravy out of them before they even have a chance to consume it. It had to be, like, May when they filmed this, right?

With that, we see empty trucks and lots of boxes of food labeled turkeys, yams, green beans, cranberries, etc. Yes, it's the Thanksgiving challenge, and our contestants will be helping the victims of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado by filling the trucks with the boxes in the fastest manner possible. And if there are really turkeys in those boxes, Moore may now see a great salmonella epic. David reminds us that he's from Oklahoma, and his wife was originally from Moore. Because there is no limit to the tragedy suffered by David and his loved ones, his wife's mother and brother both lost their houses in the tornado. He's very moved that they may be some of the beneficiaries of the salmonella turkeys. Ali Sweeney tells us that the food comes courtesy of the Biggest Loser Resort, who are also sponsoring the visit of a family member for each player on the winning team. Everybody starts crying, because obviously they miss their loved ones and also want a break from the workouts.

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