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Season 15, Episode 6

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Previously: There was a cooking challenge, in which the Blue Team prevailed per usual. And there was a scandalous weigh-in, in which Jillian was accused of giving her team contraband caffeine pills, and it all may or may not have been a ploy to bring Ruben back. Whatever! It's not like any of us actually thought integrity or ethics played a part in this show, right? They make people who are deathly obese eat, like, fried chicken out of pumpkins to try to win a prize!

Anyway, Craig wound up being sent home last week, which is sad. We get a little catch up with him today. He started the show weighing 385 pounds. Now, he's at 274 pounds -- he's lost over 110 pounds! Good for him. Craig was always afraid of dying young, like his father did. He went to his dad's gravesite when he went home, and also let the Biggest Loser cameras film it. Craig's dad was also named Craig. In talking to his dad, Craig the younger says that this is a new beginning for him. He now feels that he can do anything, and realizes that his father is with him. And let's face it, he was probably really happy to get home to his cutest-ever-in-the-world kid instead of having to look at Jay's cowboy-hatted mug all day. Craig plains to weigh 190 pounds by the finale and win the at-home prize.

With that, we see Ruben in his Red Team shirt. He's excited to return to the ranch, and says it means the world to him to get a second chance. In this case, isn't it a third chance? Tanya is super excited to see him, and exclaims that the velvet teddy bear is back. Everybody loves Ruben, and so despite the trauma of the scandal they are in good spirits at seeing his smiling face back in the house. Ruben tells us that he kept up with his healthy routines when he left the ranch, so didn't waste his time. Hap is happy to see Ruben back, since he is no longer the heaviest person on the ranch. Victory!

Oh boy, and then the White Team has a sit-down with Jillian. She apologizes to them, saying that every decision she's ever made, she tries to do with regard for their health, and this one backfired. She emphasizes to the team that they're collateral damage, and did nothing wrong. Jay says that the whole situation is unfortunate, but they'll move forward. He's intent on standing behind Jillian, and coming together as a team to be stronger than ever. And that's it. Is Jillian going to quit again, do you think?

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