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Season 15, Episode 2

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Previously: The trainers had a hand in choosing the fifteen contestants who would make it onto the ranch, and we learned that there is a twist in the form of a trainer save this season. Jillian's team lost the weigh-in and sweet Craig was slated to go home before Jillian used her save. And we thought her savior complex was overwhelming before!

We begin with Jillian having a sit-down with Craig. She reminds us that Craig has a toddler at home and one on the way, and needs this opportunity as much as anyone else in the house. So she gave him a SECOND CHANCE. Drink! Craig tells Jillian that his dad passed away at 32, when Craig was only 10 years old. He had an enlarged heart (I think) and passed out on the floor. At first Craig thought he was playing, but soon realized it was serious. By the time the ambulance came he was pronounced dead, and Craig has always blamed himself for letting his father die. Jillian asks what would happen if Craig lost the guilt over this. He says that if he lets it go, he pushes his father away. Dr. Phillian tells Craig that that's not how he should honor his father. He'll honor his father by losing the weight. And of course if he persists on this own path, he may very well leave his own kids fatherless. Jillian asks if Craig chooses a dead man or his kids. He pulls a Kelly Taylor and quietly says, "I choose me." No, of course he chooses his kids, and he's going to define himself by what kind of a father he is.

OH NO and then it's time for a visit with Dr. "Death" Huizenga. Ruben sits in the chair of doom as Dr. H. tells him he's an unbelievably interesting case. They did three different tests for diabetes -- insulin, average blood sugar, and instantaneous blood sugar. All were quite high, and he's got diabetes. Is that REALLY that interesting? And did Ruben not know he was diabetic? Ruben is ready to put more work into being healthy, and says that this is really a second chance for him. DRINK! The good news is that Type 2 diabetes is reversible, but takes hard work and perseverance.

Meanwhile…week two curse! Bob reminds us that it's real as he works his team out. Chelsea is keeping up with the dudes and Holley the Olympian, and feels pretty great about it. Jillian and her people are in the gym, and Craig tells us that he feels more motivated than ever after being saved. Fernanda runs on the treadmill as Jillian holds a rope around her, and tells us that she's on campus to save her relationship with her husband and children. She's become so insecure that she's too afraid to be intimate with her husband and doesn't go out with her kids much. She needs a second chance -- DRINK! -- to be the wife that her husband deserves and the mom that her children deserves.

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