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Season 15, Episode 13

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The Mirror Has Two Faces

Previously: Who cares? It's makeover week!

Yes, it's makeover week and everyone is super excited to get glamorized. We get footage of the contestants back before this whole thing started, talking about what makeover week means, and then we see footage of made-over knees in limos, en route to family visits. Eh, whatever floats your boat, I guess. And there's inspirational music. Lots of inspirational music. David tells us that his daughter had a dream before he left for the ranch -- it was the end of the show, and he was the happiest and healthiest she'd ever seen him. And also, apparently, shorn. But we'll get to that!

So, then it's twelve hours earlier, and the contestants meet up with perennial makeover-ers Tim Gunn and Ken Paves. Tim tells us that bearing witness to the epiphanies that the contestants have about their new bodies and themselves is rewarding for him, which is apparently why he keeps coming back. Ken talks about wanting the contestants not to look in the mirror and see their old, heavier selves. Thus, he's coming for each and every one of them. Also coming are the contestants' families and friends! Hooray!

Tanya meets with Tim, and he asks her to choose some ensembles that speak to her. Tanya chooses a black skirt and gold sweater, but wonders if they're really going to fit her. And they do! Of course they do. Tim Gunn is not going to point anyone to a rack of clothes that's too small for them. Tanya looks at herself and cries. And really, if you had to wear only a fluorescent shirt and sports bra for three months, you'd probably cry too. Tim says that Tanya looks ravishing, and she's proud. She tries on another adorable dress, and is thrilled that she'll be able to shop off the rack now.

Bobby is next, and tells Tim that he's an attorney. He's had problems wearing suits, including breaking them at the seams -- something that he calls "hulking." Tim doesn't want to put Bobby in a suit, and instead he suggests a shirt-sweater-jacket combo. Bobby looks super handsome, and can now hang confidently with the stylin' menfolk now that he's both made over AND out of the closet. Tim tells us that Bobby is proud of himself, and should be. And then Tim chokes up! He says that coming out is nothing to take lightly, and when you fold in the weight loss and self-confidence, Bobby is a homerun.

Next, Tim asks Rachel if she has a dream outfit and she tells him that there was once a memorable black dress that she wore to the German prom. The who in the what now? Apparently, a German prom is a prom that takes place in Germany. But that's so counterintuitive! There's a dress on the rack that looks a bit like the German prom dress, and Rachel tries it on. She cries when she sees herself, and Tim says he hardly recognized her when she came out. Rachel says that she's gone through a lot of pain, heartbreak and self-criticism, but it's phenomenal to see the sweat and tears pay off, with sequins.

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