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Season 15, Episode 12

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The Winter Hunger Games

Previously: Bobby came back to the competition, by virtue of losing the highest percentage of weight of all the bootees thus far. The yellow line was introduced for the first time this season, and the contestants voted to save Tanya and eliminate Tumi. She went home, and the contestants learned that they'd be leaving campus, too -- to head to the US Olympic Training Site in Park City, Utah!

We enter with home video camera footage of the contestants at the airport and on the plane, where they rejoice over being able to fit in the aisle and not needing seatbelt extenders. (And also probably not having people give them the, "This seat's taken," look.) And then, ha! We see a map of the U.S. with a drawing of a thumbtack stuck in Los Angeles. The thumbtack goes way high in the air before landing in Park City, Utah, which as it turns out is not all that far from Los Angeles.

With that, we're at the U.S. Olympic Training Site, where folks ski down ramps and land in a big pool. Okay, fine, Biggest Loser, that's some cool shit. Dolvett greets the contestants at the Olympic Oval, and then introduces his very good friend and eight-time medalist Apolo Ohno. All of this makes me wonder…when is Dolvett going to be on Dancing with the Stars? Apolo has been on this show before, and also lives in the Olympic Oval basically all the time when he's not sleeping. And then it is time to speak of second chances, which is of course the theme of the season, Apolo was a speed skating phenomenon when he was 14 years old, and everyone thought he would win lots of Olympic medals. But then he finished last in the Olympic trials the following year. His father encouraged him to stick with it, and now he's guest starring on Biggest Loser. If you just keep believing in yourself, anything can happen! Jay says that Olympians fight hard battles, and it's really no different than the situation the Losers are in. Except when it's totally different, which is most of the time.

Apolo and Dolvett take the contestants into the gym, because why not have a spinning class at this moment? Apolo talks about mental training, and how you get greater results if you prepare with your goals and plans for the day. Jay tells us that everyone is nervous, since the food and workouts this week are totally different and they don't know how it will translate to the scale. Dolvett then calls for 100 burpees. I have never done a burpee in my life, but apparently that is a lot of burpees. Rachel does it without complaint, and Apolo is impressed. He tells her that if she leaves that high performance brain mechanism switch on, she can get through anything. David is also starting to see himself as an athlete, and Apolo notes that he's got some good explosiveness when running. When the workout is done, Dolvett asks the contestants to reflect on who they were walking into the ranch, complete with pain and agony. Oh god, and then we get a montage flashback. Tears are involved, as are motivational words by Dolvett. Quelle surprise!

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