Season 18 Finale

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Oh lordy, I forgot that the "dramatic and surprising" finale is actually shown with a live audience who will then stay for After the Final Rose. Chris mentions the controversy surprising Juan Pablo but really, is it controversy or just that ultimately everyone realized what a jackass he was when most other Bachelors are able to hide it longer? Chris also asks if JP was there to even find love in the first place. I can already guess that, proposal or not, there will be some long-winded answer that makes no sense but that ultimately JP will claim that of course he was, and none of us will believe it.

With that, off to Saint Lucia where JP is going to introduce the final ladies to his family. Mom, Dad, brother Rodrigo, cousin Rodolfo, sister Anita, niece Emi and of course, Camila, are all there. Clare is up first, and JP thinks the best thing to do is give no information about her whatsoever to his family, which really speaks to his feelings for her. Of course then he also reminds us just how physically attracted he is to her. Clare of course thinks JP is even hotter when he's on daddy duty, and she's as smitten as ever. Notably, when they sit down to eat, JP sits down with Camila while JP's dad is the one who helps Clare into her seat. While they eat, Clare tells them that she wants a big family one day. We keep seeing a little window with live shots of the audience but the shots are so dark that it's kind of pointless.

Clare then sits down with JP's mom, and after gushing about how much love she feels within the family, his mom asks semi-doubtfully, "Do you think you feel love?" This is a mama that knows her son, methinks. But of course Clare thinks she does and raves about him some more. When Clare asks if there are any personality traits that she should know, Mom warns that he is hyperactive, and then asks about their communication. Clare says that it is great and calls the Ocean Incident a "disagreement," saying that they worked through it and JP is great even when he says what you don't want to hear and twists his words to take no personal responsibility for anything ever, while making you take the blame and apologize for anything that happens. His mom is a little more direct and says that he can be rude, and the women bond over how he has made them cry, because that's healthy.

Rodolfo asks Clare a telling question: if JP wants to walk away will she love him enough to try and convince him to stay? Look, there's fighting for your relationship and working on problems, which is a real thing that happens in real life, and there's clinging on to a jackass because a bunch of glamorous vacations made you feel like you are in love while he just thinks you're hot in (and out of) a bikini, and Rodolfo seems to know this is the latter. Rodolfo then talks to JP and seems doubtful as he warns JP that she's so in love that she's practically, "begging for it." "It" is a proposal, by the way, you dirty things. Rodolfo and JP seem to agree that he needs someone that won't walk away, I guess because he likes to give up and move on to the next leggy thing at the first sign of strife. I think Rodolfo might feel sorry for Clare already, given his somewhat worried tone.

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