Season 18, Episode 8, Part 1

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Family Court

It's time for the home visits, and the first place we're going tonight is Nikki's hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Unsurprisingly, she is totally excited to share it with him. I'd make that statement a drinking game if it wouldn't render me unable to finish this weecap before the first hour of the show was even over. They meet in a park just so she can run over to him with the wind in her hair, to then grab him in a kiss. Nikki claims today is, "Make it or break it," for the two of them, and the first challenge is to see how "cowboy" he is.

First, she takes him to Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue where he makes orgasmic faces while enjoying all of the food. She then takes him to face a challenge to make up for making her dance in Korea -- it's almost the same thing as dancing in front of a mall full of thousands of people to make him ride a mechanical bull in an empty bar. She tells us she's crazy in love with him but can't bring herself to say the words to him just yet. The two of them then go for a super slow, "sexy" ride on the bull while Nikki stutters and fails to tell him her feelings -- almost as if he was contractually obligated to say nothing back no matter what he feels, or something, and she might wind up getting no feedback and feeling foolish.

She then takes her to see his family: dad Tom, brothers Erik and Alex and Alex's wife Kayla, and her mom Jennifer. Nikki acts as if this is a totally normal, "bringing home the guy to meet the parents," and not like he's about to do the same thing for three other skeptical families in addition to hers. Her dad makes a toast to "new relationships," instead of, "multiple relationships," and then they try to make it sound endearing that JP got to fly first class to South Korea while his harem flew coach.

Nikki's mom pulls her aside for a talk, and Nikki admits she's in love but hasn't told him yet since she hasn't yet felt the right moment, and then tries to convince her obviously skeptical mom that this is a good thing and not a gross contest. JP then sits down with her dad, and Nikki tells us she really values his opinion -- well, probably unless it's that this guy is dumber than a box of hair and might hurt his daughter. JP says that he loves how honest Nikki is and how easy she is it is to talk with her, and Nikki's dad tries to smile as he tells JP not to propose if he doesn't mean it. He says that they trust Nikki and will support whatever decision she makes.

Tom then talks to Nikki, who gives the always popular, "There's just something about him," reasoning behind her falling for JP. That "something" is the thrill of competition and international vacations, I think, but Nikki tries to convince us that she's in love even if she can't tell him yet. Her dad reiterates that she's great and that they'll love whoever her choice might be. He says one of the most reasonable things ever heard on this show, which is that he wants Nikki to choose JP in addition to him choosing her. Wait, this is a mutual decision? No way. Nikki is thrilled to have her family's blessing, but she still won't tell JP she loves him and instead just makes out with him a lot.

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