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Donald Trump Smells

For Unanimous, Macy's loved Aubrey's presentation, the takeaway/scent strip, and the slogan. They didn't love the creativity of the display itself, nor the Eric Trump silhouette, which they found "unappealing" (LOL). The silhouette was obviously Aubrey's idea, and Teresa doesn't do a great job of explaining whether it was supposed to look like Trump or supposed to look like an Everyman. Trump actually slaps the table to shut her up and move on with things.

Since neither team did a perfect job, Trump DOESN'T award the full $100k. But before you start thinking that's weirdly principled decision, Trump decides he needs to look good on TV, so he says he'll give $40k to winning team, plus $10k each to every person's charity. Generosity confirmed! Time for a winner, and it's ... Unanimous! More fuel for Aubrey's ultimate win. "I finally beat you!" she crows to Clay. When they return to the penthouse, Teresa is all, "I love the Trumps!" and Arsenio wants to toast to Mr. Trump and his "generosity." This show is always pretty gross, but these moments are the grossest. And Aubrey still manages to complain about her team once again.

The You're-Fired-ing:
So it looks like Clay vs. Penn, and indeed Trump gives Clay the blueprints from the jump: the execs hated Penn's slogan. But Penn isn't without his own ammunition. Clay talks about how he tried to "lead by consensus," which is anathema to Trump. He even throws in an ADR "Give me a break!" after Clay describes seeking consensus on his decisions. Dayana talks about her idea to produce a takeaway handout, but Clay says it was so late in the game by then. He decides to let Lisa go free to the apartment and bring back Penn and Dayana, the latter mostly based on "history" than on anything done wrong in this task. She has been "aloof" in the past, according to Clay. Trump: "Dayana, does that come with great beauty?" I can't even, with this guy.

Upstairs, Lisa thinks Penn is going, and Aubrey lectures her to stop standing up for Dayana simply because she's not terrible. That's no way to get rid of her.

Back in the boardroom, George gets on Clay's case about not coming up with a takeaway, and Trump brings up how Dayana has been brought back to the final table a record six times. He again asks if everybody else is just jealous. He asks Clay who he'd fire, and after some squabbling about whether Trump should only base his decision on this task (Trump decidedly says he will), he says he'd fire Penn, for the slogan. Penn says don't punish the person with ideas; fire Clay for okaying the idea. Which, okay, but if Penn wants credit for the GOOD ideas he had, Clay should get credit for approving those too, then, right? Clay then brings up the "bigger balls" of him taking PM at Penn's request. Trump is, I think, waiting for Penn to mix it up, but he merely continues to smile smugly. Dayana would fire Clay, but Clay once again makes the big-picture argument that the team would be best off if they got rid of Dayana. Trump doesn't want to hear it; he says he'd love to fire 6-Time Dayana, but he can't. Instead, he fires Penn, for the slogan. On his way out, Penn is all smugness and barely suppressed rage as he gives insincere hugs to Dayana and Clay.

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