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Donald Trump Smells

When it's time to present their display to the Macy's execs, Aubrey has a dubious moment where she asks Arsenio, "Tell them what success means to you, because you are a man, last time I checked." Arsenio privately worries that Aubrey has been peeking on him under the sheets after hours, but the execs don't seem too thrown.

Team Forte:
Their strategy is the tried and true tactic of marketing to men via beautiful women. Penn, despite not being PM, is kind of steamrolling the brainstorming process. Penn likes "You Earned It" as a slogan, and the idea is to have Dayana (in her role as The Beautiful Woman) kind of snuggled up against the torso of a man in a suit and tie. Of course, Dayana's idea is to have everybody in the ad nearly naked, but Clay nixes that. Clay is also slightly dubious of "You Earned It" as a slogan, but the whole group really does like it.

During the display design process, Lisa and Penn seem to take charge, and Clay comes across as a bit indecisive. Lisa and Dayana are getting along for this task, though Dayana privately worries, "I hope she's not secretly trying to bust my peanuts." Exactly. Dayana also has an idea to create a handout to give to the execs during the presentation, but Clay shoots it down, as they only have a few more hours and still need to finish creating the display. Lisa interviews that she's worried about Aubrey as competition, because remember how she's weirdly in love with Aubrey? Lisa says she doesn't want to lose, but she doesn't want Aubrey to lose either. And since it turns out both teams are assembling their displays in the same workshop, Lisa ends up sneaking over and spying on Unanimous. She reports back to her team that they both had similar NYC skyline motifs (tough to imagine how you wouldn't, with the Trump brand attached and all). Nothing else really comes of this, despite how prominent this moment was in the previews.

On the day of the presentation, Forte is in LOVE with their display, even though Dayana is dissatisfied with the pic (she does seem washed out) and picks at parts of the physical display that seem ragged. But Lisa and Clay, in particular, are FEELING it. When it comes time to present to the Macy's execs, Clay is less than dynamic, and it's suuuuper short. Forte didn't realize they were supposed to deliver a whole spiel, and watching Clay scramble to find additional things to say is awkward as fuck.

The Boardroom:
Clay enthuses about his whole team, and Lisa says Clay is one of the top 2 project managers she's ever worked for, putting him in rarefied company with Her Aubreyness. Lisa also tells Trump that that Dayana "killed it" this week, which obviously impresses Trump, considering. Trump informs the teams that the Macy's execs preferred certain things about the Forte display and certain other things about Unanimous. No one team's display was exactly right.

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