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Donald Trump Smells

When it comes time to pick out a slogan, Aubrey shoots down all sorts of suggestions from Arsenio and Teresa before throwing out "Trust Your Instincts." Following that, Arsenio produces a YouTube video of some kind -- a Trump fan video?? -- with Trump quoted delivering that same cliché. Arsenio is already getting pre-annoyed that Aubrey is taking credit for a quote that is, in fact, Trump's. Aubrey's other idea is to photograph Eric Trump as a young version of his father (Eric, on the phone: "Um, okay?") to use as part of the display. The rest of the display will be silhouettes of the Manhattan skyline (which Aubrey photographs while perched atop Arsenio's shoulders, which only makes me ponder about what an ultimately opportunistic relationship both halves of Master/Blaster were engaged in).

For the display, they need a glossy black backdrop to match the cologne box, so Aubrey sends both Teresa AND Arsenio out to a "vinyl shop" (hmmm...), leaving herself to do everything with regard to the display. And indeed, Aubrey is basically rehearsing her boardroom arguments against Arsenio and Teresa while she works. When Eric arrives, Aubrey's alone in the workroom, and she flirts with him shamelessly and also throws her team under the bus with enthusiasm and without prompting. "I'm a one-man team," she says, "yes I said it." She remains, as I have been saying all along, the perfect garbage person to win this garbage show. For her part, Teresa thinks if they lose, it's ALL on Aubrey. Perhaps in an effort to show how hardworking she is, Teresa bravely decides to help paint the backdrop, despite the fact that she's wearing a satin blouse.

The next morning, Aubrey sees the display and is pleased. She pats herself on the back some more, saying she's "really been a mini Trump" on this challenge. For his part, Arsenio interviews that "she's bossy" (but is she the first girl to scream on a track?), but he would rather let Aubrey have her moment and keep team cohesion than put her in her place again. Teresa says she can "feel the win" coming, but right then, a display sign of "Success" falls down. Like, I GET IT, CHEKHOV.

George visits to check on the team's progress, and it's kind of hilarious to see how Aubrey totally doesn't know how to schmooze him. Eric and Don Jr. she can flirt with, and she's even figured out how to get on Ivanka's good side, but George is just a brick wall. He bluntly says that the Eric silhouette doesn't look like Donald, that one of the supposed buildings looks like the grill of a Rolls Royce (Aubrey: "Well, Trump drives a Rolls Royce, so..."). He's a total buzzkill, and I love it.

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