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Window Of Opportunity

Piers, Trace, and Lennox return to the suite after Vinnie's resignation, but Stephen's still hanging out in the hallway with his shirt untucked. Lucky Stephen, because he gets to miss the argument between Omarosa and Piers that ends with Omarosa pouring her glass of champagne over Piers's head. And how British is he, that not a single hair moves? Piers gets up and leaves, but when he encounters a ready-to-quit Stephen out in the hallway, he heads right back in to tell the rest of the gang that it looks like Stephen is also resigning, over being called a hypocrite by Piers. Yeah, that would do it.

Stephen tucks his shirt back in and buttons his jacket to return to the board room, where to all appearances the Trumps have just been sitting and waiting since the end of last week's episode. I hope their dad let them get up to pee at least once. Trump isn't impressed that Stephen wants to quit, and tells him, "Don't go home a loser!" As though there's an option. Stephen says he can't work with Piers any more than Vinnie could, so Trump puts Stephen on Empresario to give him a chance to beat Piers. Stephen's all over that

And when Stephen returns to the suite, nobody's exactly excited about this new development. Not only do the women not welcome him with open arms -- even as he offers to just "shut up and make coffee" for them if that's what they want -- but Piers and Lennox call it "pathetic" as they leave. And it gets worse, because Stephen tells the ladies of Empresario -- sitting on the couch across from him all four-against-one -- that he's sitting out the next day anyway to fulfill a previous obligation to speak at a church. Omarosa's irritated, but not as much as that congregation is going to be.

The Apprenti (sans Stephen) meet up with Trump, Don, Jr., George (George!) and a couple of randoms in some office waiting room somewhere. Trump brings Tito up to speed on all the shit that went down during his absence last week: Vinnie's defection and resignation, and now Stephen's switch to Empresario. Omarosa tries to "respectfully decline" to take Stephen, but Trump reminds everyone that he's the boss, and introduces the guests. One of those randoms turns out to be Vera Wang (which is why I don't recap Project Runway), and the other is Bob something, the president of Serta Mattresses. Apparently Vera Wang designed a mattress for Serta, and she tells the Apprenti that they'll be making "living window displays," to be judged on "creativity, brand imaging, and entertainment value." The winning PM gets $20,000 for their charity. And with that, Trump cuts the groups loose to get to work.

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