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Elsewhere, one of the VersaCorp advertising-mobiles goes pedaling down the street. Back at Trump Tower, Bill and Nick meet with...well, I'm not sure who it is, actually. Owner of the rickshaw company? Don't know. Anyway, it's a guy who explains that one of the signs fell off this morning. Nick tells Bill that because the sign came down, he thinks they should go and "give him a hundred dollars back." Bill thinks that the guy is getting value for his advertising dollar, still. Bill calls and talks to Umberto at the restaurant (hee), and they agree that they'll talk about some kind of a credit. Bill sends Nick to "handle this." In an interview, Nick insists that he's "very big on business ethics," because "without your reputation, you're pretty much finished." He claims that you have to always feel like you did the right thing, so he makes that an absolute rule. Bill sends Nick off with an admonition to "think about the big picture" and the fact that they "need every penny [they] can get." Nick takes off.

Wall Street. Katrina and Amy, taking the pedicab shift for VersaCorp in their Marquis Jetwear. Amy goes up to a guy and, way too enthusiastically, says, "Sir, would ya like a ride on a rickshaw?" Amy voices over that they believed that from the wealthy executives, they would get fifty-dollar fares. Fifty dollars? To be pedaled around on the streets? Delusional. Unless, like I said, she's accounting for the "you can be on TV" factor. With the first two guys, they try to get them to go for ten dollars a person, and the guys tell them no thanks, they can walk. "We were kind of shocked," she interviews. Yeah, you know, every once in a while, you get guys who won't even buy the fifty-dollar lemonade. She tries to sell the next guys on a twenty-five-dollar fare for both of them, and they're not biting either. "You're supporting a greeeat cause!" Amy says. Whoa, hey, watch it there, Amy. The guys, fortunately, aren't fooled. They're like, "What cause? Marquis Jet?" Hee. Katrina interviews, arms crossed over her chest, that Amy "will do anything to sell" and is "too pushy." She goes on, because it's not quite clear where her animosity is coming from yet: "She thinks that every man's in love with her and every woman wants to be her best friend. And she's wrong." Oh. Now I see where it comes from. It's a little bit hard not being the prettiest and the most well-liked, huh, Katrina? Especially after your best friend leaves so the two of you can't sit around and bitch about how much better you are than everyone else. It's hard to tell, in the end, whether Katrina and Amy are doing much better getting people to take rides with them than Kwame is.

Troy and Heidi, meanwhile, are trying to sell the prepaid cards. They hit a couple of hotels, both of which put them off unhelpfully. Troy decides that they need to meet up again and regroup. They get together with Kwame back at Trump Tower, and Troy says that "when you're lost in the woods, the first thing you never do [sic] is try to walk yourself out." Troy says he's not doing well being apart from Kwame. Awwww, the Harvard MBA and the Idaho potato are in lurve. Troy says that Heidi is good at selling face-to-face, but they can't actually get their meetings to go forward to sell the cards in the first place. Troy thinks that in light of all these setbacks, they should just all get together and "work on the number one thing, and that's having fun." Troy says that he's going to change his clothes upstairs, and then they can go back out. As Kwame explains, Troy went upstairs and got out of his nicer clothes and into his cowboy hat. It was "like Superman." Hee. "He became Troy the Cosmic Cowboy," Kwame says. Troy takes off pedaling Heidi and Kwame in the pedicab. They find a crowd of people who I believe are waiting outside to get into the Letterman show, actually -- right next door to the Manhattan Chili Company! Wooo! Ah, memories. Anyway, they schmooze the people waiting in line, and they apparently manage to sell some cards. At least a few, I guess. "Man, it just starts clicking, we start selling these things! 'Cause we're having fun and we believe in it!" Troy explains. There is laughing, there is clowning, and there is a lot of Troy being Troy and working the crowd. Kwame and Troy mid-five each other over at least having made a little bit of money. "Yee-ha!" Troy says. Gosh, has Troy actually unleashed a "yee-ha" before? Maybe he was saving it for the moment when it was most needed.

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