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When we return from commercials, the title card says, "Think Outside the Box." We see Trump giving a presentation, and then he interviews that although thinking outside the box is a cliché at this point (yeah, just a little), the fact remains that sometimes, in business, you have to do it. Troy interviews about the task a little more, and says that Kwame came up with an incentive program for the drivers. He announces that whoever makes the most money before noon will get a hundred bucks, and whoever makes the most money at the end of the day will get a hundred bucks. If I'm not crazy, this is an incentive being offered to a staff of four drivers. Wow. I understood the incentive at Planet Hollywood, when you had a very large staff, and so if each person hustled for five extra bucks, it would pay off several times over, but here, each person will have to hustle for fifty dollars extra over the course of the day before you even pay off the incentive -- that's before it starts making money for you. I'm not sure the incentive thing works in this context at all, just because of the tiny staff. With the staff duly instructed, Heidi and Troy take off to do the marketing of the cards, while Kwame takes the shift in the rickshaw. He heads off to try to drum up business. "Rides? Any rides today?" Poor Kwame.

Boyfriend Bill and Nick meet up with some of the business guys to attach the advertising to the pedicabs. "We're converting the rickshaws into NASCARs," Boyfriend Bill explains. Bill and Nick take a spin in one of the pedicabs as well. "All right, Warnock," Bill says as he pedals passenger Nick. "Well on our way, baby." We then watch him pedaling for a while, and then he interviews about the fact that he's not exactly on a roll himself, and he needs a win. "At this stage of the game, I need to hit a home run."

We see some of the various pedicab drivers picking up passengers. Kwame, however, is striking out. He rings his bell. Nothing doing. He interviews that he "sucked as a rickshaw driver." He claims that he did everything the other drivers told him to do, and he went to all the places they told him to go, and he struck out. Sadly, he pedals down the sidewalk, saying, "Anybody need a ride?" And then he bumps over a pothole, which is accompanied by a perfect music cue. Very clever, the people who make this show. I think they have particularly mastered the snarky insertion of weird noises to connote stupidity or ineptitude on the part of the contestants, and even though said stupidity and ineptitude usually speaks for itself, I'm always in favor of piling on. As you know.

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