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That night, VersaCorp pays a visit to Acqua Pazza, one of the restaurants (I believe) that they sold water to previously. Nick tells the guy at the restaurant that they have "these two beautiful women" who are going to be pedaling people around. The guy warms to the idea of advertising with them. Bill says that they actually visited three places, and lined up advertising with two of them. Then we see Amy place a call to one of the guys she knows at Marquis Jet. The Marquis guy goes along with it, provided that she and Katrina both wear Marquis shirts and hats all day. I'm not sure this kind of arrangement is entirely fair, as this is another example of an idea that works really well specifically because it's a TV show and it's only for one day. I don't know that any of these places would pay money long-term to advertise on pedicabs -- especially not at the prices being thrown around in the episode -- or that any of them would pay anything if it weren't going to be part of the show. But anyway.

Back at S4, Bill and Katrina chat a little bit about what they know of Protégé's strategy, and when it turns out that Katrina knows a little bit about it, Bill wonders why she didn't tell them before. She snots that they don't ask her for her opinion about things. Bill gently says that they have in fact asked for her opinion, but she snots some more that they haven't. She then gets up on the world's shortest and wobbliest high horse, saying that Bill likes to "use her" when it's convenient for him. She's actually trying to do some kind of a hurt, put-upon thing because he treats her like some kind of a pretty trophy girl. Oh, the humanity. Just because that's the way she's won (or tried to win) practically every single damn task? Bill points out that she has a way of using her looks herself, so he's not sure why she objects to using it on behalf of the team. Because she has absolutely no answer whatsoever to this, she changes the subject, insisting that she's successful for reasons other than her looks. ["I seriously can't decide which part of that statement is more surreal -- the assumption that she's a 'success' of any kind, which…not really, or the idea that, if she were, it could only be because she's soooooo beautiful, which, again…not really. Katrina, for real: Be quiet. Forever." -- Sars] She goes back to being upset that he didn't listen to her great Ben Affleck and Sharon Stone, I she's just decided to check out of the task and not help, she says. Well, that's brilliant. She snits in her interview that Bill doesn't listen to her ideas. "Whenever we go to a sales pitch, he turns to us and says, 'These beautiful women will be driving,' but what about my ideas?" Yeah, what about her ideas? She has nothing, and she knows it, and that's why she's pissed off. They don't need her ideas, she doesn't have any ideas, she's been swept from the spotlight by Amy who actually does have ideas, and it makes her frustrated, so she comes up with this. Furthermore, as I did when she first flipped out with Assorama about the "I'm a good person" business, I suspect that she has a serious case of protesting too much -- she knows that she probably would not have the successes she has if she didn't flash her legs everywhere she goes, and that's a hard reality to swallow, so rather than swallow it, she argues with people about it all the time, whether or not they brought it up. Which is her prerogative, but not Bill's fault.

Then Katrina actually progresses to the following rather unbelievable statement: "Riding a rickshaw because a woman will be riding a rickshaw, and she looks cute...and that's really offensive to me, to be honest with you." HA HA HA! Damn, that's so non-self-aware that it sort of hurts to look at it. It's almost not that funny that she's that clueless about her own behavior and how she comes across. I mean, that is...downright weird. Bill insists that he wants to run things like a democracy, and he doesn't want to "run it like Troy." Hee. Katrina says that she knows he thinks that, but his actions don't bear it out. So, you know, he should work on that. So sayeth Katrina. Bill interviews: "The bottom line is this. Katrina doesn't like the way I lead. My advice to her is, step aside, then." And look cute doin' it, dammit! (Kidding. Just kidding.)

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