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VersaCorp sits around examining the rickshaw company's website and pondering how they can make extra money. Boyfriend Bill floats the idea of the drivers wearing costumes. Uh...just look pretty, okay, Boyfriend Bill? Pretty much any idea that involves "costumes," I am inherently against. Anyway, as it turns out, Boyfriend Bill is the PM, because he won (or possibly lost) a coin toss with Amy. He goes on to mention to the team that maybe they could "dress up as different Disney characters." Katrina makes a bitchface, which is slightly justified in this case, not that she would make it any less if it weren't. But yeah, I don't think I'm taking a pedicab ride from Goofy. Katrina seems to think that they should dress up like Ben Affleck and Sharon Stone. Or something. I don't even understand that suggestion, but it makes Boyfriend Bill make a face; the sound guy throws in a random drum cue just to emphasize that Bill's brain just popped a wheelie trying to get over the stupidity that idea. Amy suggests an incentive for the driver who makes the most money every hour. Bill thinks that they should "have a girl" give the rides. Learning from the women on the show, apparently. Katrina wants to "market" at the ticket center by Planet Hollywood. That being the same spot she wore her hooker boots to when she was a Shooter Girl. Bill and Nick look at her like, "Yeah, thanks, genius, we'll take it under advisement." And the sound guy throws you a loud "zoing!" just in case you don't get it. Suddenly, Amy has a thought: "We could advertise on the back of the rickshaw." Boyfriend Bill interviews that as soon as she made the suggestion, they knew it was a good one. Bill adds a piece to this idea, which is to go back to the people they already have had contact with in other tasks and ask them if they want to sell rickshaw advertising. Katrina makes another bitchface as Bill waxes rhapsodic about how it will be just like NASCAR, with the drivers and their advertising patches everywhere. "If we put this together, it'll be a bloodbath," Bill says. Hey, just like NASCAR!

Protégé works on creating their ten-ride punch cards. Troy and Kwame agree that they "feel good about" the idea. Heidi seems a little grumpy and skeptical about how they're going to sell the punch cards, and as she gets up to go check on Mom, Kwame voices over that she's managing that situation as well as she can. He adds that his mom died of cancer when he was fifteen, so he knows how she feels. Aw. Kwame does think Heidi's distracted.

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