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Anyway, George and Carolyn confirm that they both have nothing more to say. Trump tells Troy and Heidi that they've both "come a long way." He says that somebody, however, has to go. He thinks Troy is interesting, in that he's done pretty well, but he's almost always lost. Heidi, on the other hand, has lost somewhat less, but in this event, she didn't step up and show any leadership or really involve herself in what happened to the team. "You wouldn't step up as a leader, and you barely contributed as a follower." Precisely. "Heidi, you're fired." Oh, goodness, y'all just don't know how long I've wanted to hear those words.

This is my read on Carolyn, by the way, in the aftermath of that trouncing: Carolyn is extremely pretty, and Carolyn has risen fast, considering that she's only 35. She's essentially a peer of these women, and not an elder. And I think what she sees is them trying to take shortcuts to what she worked her ass off to accomplish. Moreover, they're giving her accomplishments and her position absolutely no respect whatsoever. She has undoubtedly seen this before -- people who try to skip over doing real work and instead exploit the same kinds of stereotypes and bullshit that have probably sometimes made it more difficult for her to get people to take her seriously. I think her frustration is that they refuse to understand that it's a tradeoff -- if you encourage people to think of women in business as mostly legs and boobs, you are not going to be able to turn on a dime and demand to be taken seriously when it's convenient for you, Katrina. Using your personal appeal in a good-natured way is all well and good, but when you repeatedly demonstrate that you're perfectly happy to sell yourself as a begging, desperate little girl if it will help you with a particular business transaction with a particular guy, you affect the terrain, in a sense. You leave a footprint, and you aren't going to be able to just step out of it as soon as you decide it doesn't suit you. Ereka and Heidi and Assorama have all bitched about Carolyn after being booted -- implying that she was threatened by them, or was out to get them, or was out to get women generally -- and it's just absurd. She already has what they allegedly want, and the complete lack of respect that they all showed for her while they were on the show, and that they're showing to her now, is just an even bigger indication that they fundamentally do not get it. At all.

Anyway, on her way out, Heidi makes a great show of her good humor, and how glad she is to be going, and how she really doesn't care because she's going home to Mom. Which I would maybe attempt to take seriously, except for the fact that she took out after Troy in the lounge, snapping, "Asshole!" If she had wanted to go home, genuinely, that would never have happened. But everyone needs their version of the truth to make things slide down a little easier, I suppose, and Heidi's is that she never really wanted to be here anyway. Whatever. When she's gone, Trump calls Heidi "remarkable," but says he just doesn't think she's got "leadership skills." "I like her," he says, "but really, it was time for her to go." I'll say.

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