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Troy does not know what to do, when asked who did a worse job, because he didn't anticipate this happening. He tries to explain that what he's about to do is not about friendship: "Kwame and I have made a decision that it doesn't matter -- if he's the weakest link, by God, I'm pickin' him." He goes on to say, though, that Kwame did finances, and Trump tries to make it about Kwame in the empty rickshaw, but irrespective of that, Troy is doing what he's doing. Kwame goes upstairs; Heidi stays with him. And honestly? I think it's the right call. Kwame in the rickshaw is really a side issue, to me. God only knows why he didn't get riders -- the forum posters and I all seem to recall a Michael Moore bit about Yaphet Kotto not being able to even hail a taxi as compared to a white violent convict, so you've got to at least wonder about that, even though I'm not convinced that people are irrationally afraid of being menaced in a pedicab. And also, I think Michael Moore is a big obnoxious windbag, and I hate sounding like I agree with him about pretty much anything, but there it is. But really, what exactly did Heidi do? I mean, at least Kwame tried to pedal. Heidi did nothing, to my knowledge, except try to sell cards using an idea of Troy's that she later tried to halfway disclaim. Could Heidi have pedaled the rickshaw? No. She could not. So what was Heidi's value to the task? In other words, I think Troy is at the very least justified in saying that Kwame and Heidi did dead-even in this task, and over the long haul, Kwame's been less of a negative drag on the team. Assorama took the fall for the fighting last week, after all, but it's not like Heidi hasn't played her part in making everything a big string of dramas. You can argue that Kwame would also have been a fine choice for the final table, but I certainly don't think Troy's failure to take him rises to the level of what Ereka did with Katrina and Bill, where she didn't even have an argument as to why she would have brought Bill instead of Katrina, and thus wound up arguing that she didn't pick Katrina because Katrina didn't do anything.

As Troy and Heidi settle on the yellow couch to wait, she is her usual gracious self. "Here we go, girl," he says to her good-naturedly, and she snaps back, "You're an asshole." He rears back as if he's been hit. "Ouch," he says. "I did great on this task, and I did better than him on this task," she snits. What, I ask you, did she do that was so great? They made practically no money. The only money they did make was from an idea of Troy's. Where is her contribution? Because I simply do not see it. Troy just looks at her, because...what else can you do?

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