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Carolyn comes riding into battle, addressing Heidi. "Would you say that it's fair to say that you kind of put all of your eggs in one basket -- came up with this idea, made a couple of appointments the day before, and did nothing after that? Would you say that's a fair assessment?" Heidi says no, she wouldn't. And, notably, while Carolyn was asking the question, Heidi looked totally, visibly disgusted. Carolyn asks her what they came up with, other than the prepaid cards. Troy asks if he can answer. "Well, I directed it at Heidi," Carolyn says. Heidi, rather than answering the question, says, "You know what? He came up with that idea, he was adamant on doing it, so I supported it, and to be honest with you, I thought that would be a good idea." So what about that makes Carolyn's assessment not fair? Doesn't that make Carolyn's assessment perfectly fair, Heidi? Hmmmmm? Trump asks her if she thinks it was a good idea now, and she says no. George asks Heidi if she's saying it was basically Troy's idea, and she says yes, it was. Well, she hedges a lot, and then she says yes, it was. Troy says that he wants to point out that the other team also put all its eggs in one basket. Troy should really see it coming, but he doesn't. Trump basically tells him that a basket can hold as many eggs as you want if it's a good basket, rather than a basket that assumes that people buy pedicab rides in bulk.

Changing track, Trump asks if any of them drove the rickshaw, and Kwame says that he did. How did he do? Oh, miserably. He has no idea why. He did everything that was suggested, and it just didn't work out for him. He rattles off everywhere he went and everything he did, and it just didn't work. Trump asks him how many customers he got. Uh, none. Trump asks Kwame whether Troy did a bad job leading. No. Does he think Heidi did anything wrong? No. Trump asks who he would throw out if it were up to him. I kind of agree with the people who commented that it definitely looks like Kwame's first thought is, "Well, possibly me," but what he says is that Troy has been awesome throughout and "exuded a lot of positive energy," and he would probably dump Heidi.

Heidi makes what I think is a tactical error in saying that she would get rid of Troy. I don't think anybody's buying that shit. I'd buy Kwame deserving to go more than Heidi, but not Troy. She calls this "accountability" because he's the PM, and Heidi is apparently the last person to notice that Trump just doesn't do it that way -- now that he's in a groove and he has some information to go on, he doesn't fire PMs with any greater frequency than anyone else. It's obvious to me that unless you specifically fuck up as PM, Trump simply does not fire you just because the team lost, as Heidi is suggesting. He's never done that once. I think her effort to weasel out of the question by just saying the PM should be fired by default shows poor judgment, not to mention a total inability to read Trump. She should tell Trump he's "hard to read." And then she should try to feed him something. Trump asks Carolyn if she has other questions for the group. "No," she says. Does George? No. Troy asks with a nervous laugh whether anyone wants to ask him who he thinks should be fired. Trump's like, "I'm getting to it." As it turns out, Troy is being presented with a modified version of the usual final table -- he has to send one of his teammates upstairs and keep the other one with him.

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