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After the commercials, we return to...well, something that's there just for me, which is Kwame doing pull-ups. As I said last week, I am not into ankle porn, but again, I am very enthusiastic about shoulders. And therefore, this segment? Is all! I, the Viewer, am in charge! As he spots Kwame doing the pull-ups, Troy voices over as follows: "If we have to go into it, and it just comes down to him and I, the only promise I made to Kwame was the warriors' code, and that is that my sword is going to be sharp, I'm going to swing it hard and fast, and I'm going to cut you clean. And may the best man win." Well. All right, then. Troy does pull-ups, too. I still like shoulders. Kwame says that Troy could get fired, because he was the PM. Or Kwame himself could get fired. "I could get fired, because Donald Trump is probably tired of my shit at this point," he says with a laugh. Heidi, Kwame says, could get fired because although Trump seems to like her, she's not doing a lot that justifies keeping her around.

Out on the balcony, Heidi smokes and talks about her mother's cancer. Sigh. Apparently there's a little bit in the lymph nodes, and "they want to zap it out." Well, I certainly wish good luck with the zapping. I do! I like everyone's mom, by default. Katrina says that she wants Heidi to stay, so she really doesn't want her to quit, because Katrina will be "pissed off." If she quits to, you know, go be with her mother who has cancer, Katrina will be "pissed off," because that's not what she wants. You gotta love a girl who can keep her eye on what matters. Heidi gives a little "hello, moron" speech about how her mom's health is obviously more important than the pedicab task. And I have to say...I mean, I respect that she stayed, and I would have respected it if she left, but I'm not crazy about staying and then citing that you can't be expected to give your full effort to things because your mom is sick, you know? It's like...stay, or go, but don't stay and then talk about how much you don't care, it seems to me. Particularly when there's a team involved. Anyway, Katrina asks her whether Troy has said much about what he's going to say in the Boardroom. Heidi says that they're going to the Boardroom as a team -- there's no Assorama, so there's no backstabbing. Heidi says she has to go and get ready. Inside, Troy asks Amy how the boat trip was, and she says it was fun. "Very windy," she says. Insightful! Heidi comes to ask Troy when they're leaving. "I've got something to announce to you, Heidi. I've made my selection; I'm taking you and Kwame to the Boardroom." Hee. They laugh. Troy interviews that he's very relieved that there's no picking for him to do, and that this part of being PM is off his shoulders in this round. They take off, in fairly good spirits, it would appear.

Little Protégé appears in the Boardroom, and they are soon joined by Trump. He eyeballs them, telling them they were "badly beaten." "I didn't see any creative ideas from any of you," he says. He asks Troy what happened. Troy says that they all came up with the idea for the prepaid cards that they thought was good, but they didn't have the "brilliant idea" for advertising that VersaCorp had. "Our idea was great; theirs was brilliant," he says. "Sometimes that's just the way it goes." Heidi looks at Trump. "How come you keep shaking your head?" he asks her. Shocked, she turns defensive, insisting that she wasn't. You know what happened there? Heidi overplayed her hand with regard to Trump liking her. She tried to repeat the Assorama business from last week, with the shooting looks at Donald like, "Only you and I know the truth," and she overdid it, which makes her seem like a particular brand of suck-up, I think. Trump tells her that it looks to her like she's visibly disagreeing with Troy.

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