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Out With A Whimper

Previously: Sixteen losers without jobs decided they wanted to work for Trump. Some true crazies (David, Mahsa) and some boring folks (Liza, Gene) fell by the wayside, and we're left with Clint and Brandy. Last week, they got started on their final challenge. Clint's working with Mahsa, Poppy, and Steuart on a post-golf tournament dinner gala with Liza Minnelli; and Brandy's working with Liza, Stephanie, and Anand on the actual VIP golf tournament. Unfortunately for Brandy, Liza's practically a professional golfer so Trump wants her to golf with his group, meaning Brandy's a man down. Things were getting all effed up: Brandy's photographer went to the wrong Trump National Golf Course, and Clint's printer misspelled Liza Minnelli. And that brings us to now: the finale (or finally). "Money, money, money, money..." and all the drama that goes with it.

Trump National. (NOT the one in Bedminster.) In Team Clint headquarters, Poppy and Mahsa are still freaking out about the spelling of Minnelli when Clint and Steuart come down and see what's happened. Clint says that when he proofed it the night before the day was right, so he's not sure what happened, but he hopes they can use the $1,000 credit they still have at the printer to get the posters and place cards reprinted. The printer does it without complaint. So ... not really much of a cliffhanger. Team Brandy's worried about the no-show photographer as their "VIP" folks start to show up. They're a bunch of sports figures I've never heard of, although Anand tells us they're kind of a big deal. Then the photographer shows up, clearing up their cliffhanger, too.

Next, Kathy Griffin shows up. She's available to Team Brandy from morning until the golf tournament ends, when she becomes available to Clint's team. Brandy and Stephanie run through instructions with Kathy about how to introduce and welcome everyone. Team Brandy heads out to the front to wait to greet Trump. The team waits until the tournament's starting to realize he's already there and about to golf, then grabs Kathy and heads over. However, they get there as everyone's getting in their carts and driving away. Kathy has a good sense of humor about it (like, duh), but it's still very bad. Team Brandy didn't greet Trump or use Kathy in any way to start the tournament. It's not looking good for women this season.

Team Clint reminds us about his gala dinner, with a concert by Liza Minnelli and awards presentation by Kathy Griffin. Clint puts Poppy in charge of Liza and Mahsa in charge of Kathy. Then Steuart starts talking catering, and Clint tells us once again that Steuart's background is in catering, so he had great faith that he'd know what he was doing. Back with Team Brandy -- or at least the golfing contingent -- Trump and Liza and their third are golfing as Trump complains that they are at a disadvantage because they only have three players, which gives them less of a shot at winning. Liza interviews that someone dropped the ball. Cut to Brandy, who's realized that Trump doesn't have a fourth. She and Anand head out to talk to Trump and smooth things over, but he's pretty upset that he basically has no chance winning against a foursome, let alone a fivesome.

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