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Calm of the Wild

Previously: The teams had to write a children's book and present it. Everyone had problems and looked like they'd lose. But project manager Meat Loaf won, and the women, led by Lisa, lost. Lisa didn't fight hard enough against mean girls Star and Dionne, so she was sent packing. Up in the suite, Busey's wondering why he lost Meat Loaf's respect, and Meat Loaf swears he still respects him; it's just that he has a focus issue. Busey: "Don't tell me what I'm not doing when I'm doing what you don't think I'm doing." Huh? It gets a little contentious because neither of these men know how to talk to each other and they both think the other one is overreacting even though no one is. Meat Loaf thinks it's time for Busey to put his money where his mouth is. Star and Dionne walk back in, and Nene freaks out and hugs them. Star says she's not happy with a lot of the team, and then she tells Nene they're all on their own next time. Nene tries to say the issue is with everyone else, but Star's mad that she didn't have help running over Lisa with that bus. Nene says that Star says she won't act like the project manager next time, but Nene (and all of us) know better. Full "Money, money, money" opening this time. Most everyone gets two to three moments in the credits, but Miss Queen Nene only gets one. Ooh, burn!

Charity presentation moment: Meat Loaf meets with a lady from Painted Turtle in the park and tells her everything that happened (lucky for her, he spares her for the Busey fight details). It's as faux-touching and scripted as always. But this time with a "Thank you, Meat." It's so weird when people call him by his first "name." The check will send lots of kids to camp. He promises more money to come. Blah-blah-blah-sentimental-cakes.

Trump Soho. The teams line up out front and await Trump and the Trumplets and some other guy. Trump welcomes them to his just-opened hotel, which is the perfect segue into the opposite of a hotel: camping! The guy, Marcus, is with Camping World. The team's task is to take two RVs and display them in a setting in New York City. They also have to negotiate for which campers they want. They'll be judged on brand messaging, originality, and overall presentation. As usual. The winning project manager will get $20,000 for his or her charity. Nene says that, because she's black, she's never even slept outside, so she's not up for this one. Niki's camped, so she steps up. The guys debate and debate and debate, then volunteer Busey. Trump thinks that's "interesting" and asks Busey to shake Marcus's hand. He does, and says, "I know nothing's free, but my heart to your heart is free." Marcus: "Okay." Busey explains to us why he's so crazy (only he doesn't put it that way): He split his skull open in a motorcycle accident in 1988. That's why he's here: to raise money for the Center for Head Injury Services. Trump reminds them that someone will win money and someone will be fired. Because he never knows what Busey might have forgotten.

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