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Lesson Six: Accessibility Is Never Politically Incorrect

Trump: Muna?
Muna: She's very caring...
Trump: Ouch. That's all you had to say.
Aimee: I haven't said my point yet! I have to lie some more about how I needed Jenn to tell me things I could see with my own two eyes!
Trump: Muna, you're a minority. You tell me.
Muna: You just need to walk through the food court with your eyes open.
Aimee: But I wasn't there when Derek asked how many Spanish-speakers there were!
Derek: You were in the mall. With eyeballs.

Aimee: I don't have those! Jenn took them! With her sorcerous eyeball-stealing octopus!
Donald Jr.: So they explained to you how Spanish is a language?
Jenn: You never asked us whether or not Spanish is a language, Aimee.
Trump: [Trolly bored face]
Aimee: It's a standard sales tactic to make a list of all the languages there are, Jenn! God!
Derek: In fairness, she did not ask us to make a list of all the languages there are, or to point out to her that there were people in the mall, all of whom were of various races, or what race they were. She didn't ask for those things.
Aimee: You're trying to bury me! With self-evident facts that don't even need to be stated!
Derek: I'm not trying to bury her at all. I'm just trying to be adorable.

Trump: So you think Jenn's right? People really do speak Spanish sometimes?
DJ: How could you not bring that up with her, if you knew this key piece of info? How can you avoid conveying this to the PM?
Aimee: [hissing] This is very astute, bright team...
Heidi: [laughs like a beautiful, terrifying entity from an Edith Hamilton survey class and the snakes are about to come springing out of her gorgeous hair]
Trump: You don't like your team, do you?
Aimee: This was not the team that Heidi managed. It was different.
Everybody In the World: COBRA!

Trump: Okay, pick your people I guess, since you just fired yourself.
Aimee: Derek and Jenn. The person I praised first until he called my bad leadership bad leadership, and also the person that introduced that monstrous octopus into what was previously a pretty beautiful, pretty groovy experiment in consciousness-expansion.
Jacob: AIMEE! NO! My two favorite people! (Yeah, I love Jenn now. Don't you?)

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