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Lesson Six: Accessibility Is Never Politically Incorrect

Andie talks without moving her face and her smile doesn't reach her eyes, and then inside the boardroom, I'm once more led to ask: If you're in a room with Heidi, how do you look at other stuff? I would have to put like a strobe light in the corner to remind me to look away or blink. I mean, damn. I liked the whole transcript thing last week, did you? Well, we're doing it again this week for the boardroom, because I think it's funny to pretend they're this interesting in transcript format.

Trump: So what went wrong?
Aimee: People speak Spanish, which I didn't know. They did this in the mall, which impaired their ability to be sold to, and then they also did it at the kiosks, which hampered the computer's ability to be understood. Basically they gave up speaking English every time it would negatively impact the task. Luckily, there were Derek and Muna there, speaking Spanish.
Surya: So this interfered at the point of conversion?
Derek: That's what she said. But also, that's not actually the problem. She's a terrible manager.
Trump: So is she a good or bad manager?
Derek: Um. She's an excellent hard worker? And in terms of having no leadership whatsothefuckever, I really like the hands-off approach, but...some people wanted her to lead us, or manage the group, in a way where she was doing things, or leading, or managing. I guess we were spoiled by Heidi.
Trump: Congratulations, Derek, you just got her fired. In about twenty minutes from now.

Angela: Aimee has problems with delegating, following through with plans, relating causality and effect, the past and present, and with letting the grimblewinks tend the rainbow fields themselves. I mean, I love her as a salesperson, or whatever, but [verbatim, this] as far as leading, I was just confused.
Kristine: I miss Heidi. Also, I hate Aimee. Also, we should have hired a translator the second we saw this was going to be an issue.
Aimee: I was not aware of the Spanish demographic! Jenn did not tell me that there are people who speak Spanish!
Trump: Often you can tell just by looking at people if they are English speakers. I mean, it's not PC, but let's be realistic.
Aimee: I never even went to that mall. I was in Paramus, New Jersey through this whole task.
Derek: Honey, that's a lie.
Aimee: HEY. Let me finish lying. I let you finish telling the truth!

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