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Lesson Six: Accessibility Is Never Politically Incorrect

Surya: [giving DJ a run for his stupid amount of money, in the smug grossness face-off]

Derek, Jenn: [beautiful, sad, delicious, wonderful, pretending to feel like they're getting screwed but actually obviously, totally safe and loving it]

DJ: How can you keep key information like how there are other languages away from your PM? I didn't hear about that at Wharton!
Surya: [some equivocating mess that basically resolves down to: "Anything you say, that's what I'm sticking with, because I am disgusting."]

Back inside, Trump asks why everybody hates Aimee as the PM, and Derek describes their recent history as "two tasks with an absent PM." OUCH! Nice! Also true! Even nicer! DJ asks about the whole demographic secrecy issue like a billion times, and Jenn laughs out loud at one point about it, because it's so tenuous and stupid and producer-ordered.

Derek: I only asked because I was curious about how overwhelmingly Hispanic the demographic actually was, not because I wondered if there were Hispanic people in the mall, you fucking halfwit.
Trump: But why didn't you tell her?
Derek: Because of eyeballs, Mr. Trump. Everybody has them.
Trump: He sounds pretty confident about these "eyeballs" of ours, Aimee.
Derek: [so cute right now it's unbelievable]
Aimee: I wasn't paying attention to who was walking through the mall! Who would do that?

Aimee: That's why I asked Derek and Jenn if there were people in the mall!
Trump: Isn't it important? If only for the safety risks that walking through a crowded shopping mall with your eyes shut tight would present to you, and to others? You trip or something, the mall's liable, and your team's without leadership.
Aimee: That's why I asked my marketing team about the demographic and whether there were people in the mall! And they don't tell me that there were!
Jenn: EYEBALLS. You needed a translator the second you walked in there, idiot.

Aimee: Mr. Trump, you should fire Jenn because she had this information, how there was a shopping mall with people in it, and she kept this information secret from me out of malice.
Jenn: That is still not true. First of all, if I led her ass in here by the wrist, would she need me to tell her how many people in this room are Caucasian? And second of all, am I insane? Because what she's talking about, hoarding random information that is freely available to PEOPLE WITH EYEBALLS, wouldn't make sense even if it made sense, because that would make me CRAZY. So my question -- again -- is why you didn't get a translator: we had the money, we had the capability. I don't know if you know this, but there was actually a surfeit of Spanish speakers in the mall. We've been talking about it for about a half-hour, but I can understand if once again it has slipped your notice: we had our pick of the bilingual crop. Just say the word. The word is Si.

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