To Lead Or Not To Lead

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Lesson Eleven: Be Bold, And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid
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Well, the most important thing here is the clip we see again in the previouslies, where Carolyn told Adam and Felisha, "There are five people remaining right now, and I think by far the two of you are the weakest," and Felisha's mind was blown. It's a sad but a very real character-revealing moment for Felisha, because it took her a relatively short amount of time to adjust to this information -- after she was done gasping and going "wow" -- but by the end of the exchange with Carolyn, she knew it was about setting her sights higher, and it was nice, and you know I like Felisha for this reason. I wish she wouldn't take it so personally, but that's a tough pill to swallow. You know Melissa, maybe even Kristi, would have been like, "Shut up! You are the weakest!" And I don't even know what Carolyn would do if you pulled that, but I don't ever want to find out.

Then there are credits, which are more interesting than ever, because of how you forget half these people ever existed, but also because next week, presumably, we'll get to see our guys have to manage these bastards, and -- hopefully -- the biggest train wrecks are the ones they'll have to deal with. Where are the ratings in telling Chris or James what to do? No, I want -- demand -- Markus, Josh, Kristi, Toral, Melissa! I love that part! I'm so excited just thinking about it! Oh God: Clay!

Purposeful snare drums get you all tense and warlike as we join this week's Corporate Weasel Death Watch: Alla's asking Randal and Rebecca which of her two teammates will be coming back, and they agree that the only person who would know that is her. There's an unspoken but agreed-upon point here, among the three of them, that she's really been the only true player on Capital Edge for weeks. Like it's these three actual players sitting around knowing they are the real competition, and not even having to talk about it. I like that. Alla interviews that, "on a personal level," she's more interested in seeing Felisha return to the suite. Frankly, me too. I think part of the irritation you get with a Markus or a Clay or Jennifer W. is, "There's no way this person is going to win, toss 'em out," and while both Felisha and Adam pretty much fall into that category, Felisha's still more interesting as a contender. Also interesting is how suddenly Rebecca and Randal don't even bother with speaking out loud anymore, they just send each other psychic messages using their eyeballs and massive brains. It's awesome.

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