To Bee Or Not To Bee

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Lesson Five: Speak Up. Or: Don't, Depending
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Previously, Arrow finally won with Surya and Aaron's leadership; Aaron and Tim got shirtless and frolicked in the mansion pool; Viceroy Aaron didn't talk in the boardroom, and Heidi was pretty some more.

Derek stands in the yard lookin' great with Jen and Muna, and possibly his buddy Kristine, discussing Heidi's chances of making it out alive from last week's boardroom; he thinks she'll have a tough time pinning the loss on Marisa, unless she can convince Trump and the Viceroys that they lost due to Marisa's chicken-suiting madness. Angela nods. I really like her. Kristine worries that if Heidi doesn't come back, they'll be stuck with Aimee and Marisa, and Derek agrees that would suck. They wait and wait, and in the boardroom Trump says that all of Kinetic wants Marisa gone, so she's gone. In this revised version of events from last week, Marisa takes this news quietly -- just like she didn't, in reality. Aimee comes into the yard and Kinetic pretends to be excited, but then once Heidi comes around the corner everybody shrieks and surrounds her like she's Tippi Hedren. Heidi interviews how intense it was to be in the boardroom as a loser, and reiterates that Marisa is nobody she'd hire in real life, then tells her team that she's probably grown "like seventy gray hairs" during the grueling process of listening to Marisa and Aimee bitch at each other with tiny little canary feathers peeking from her lovely, smug little mouth. She notes that Aaron said nothing the entire time, as Trump pointed out a few times.

Kinetic then overhears Arrow cheering Aaron's return from the boardroom, and they yell back and forth over the hedge. That part was pretty cute. Heidi was like, "Doesn't being Viceroy suck? Aren't these rules stupid?" and then apologizes for interrupting Arrow's dinner and wine, and tells them to get back to it. Aaron talks at length about how the boardroom went down, focusing on Trump's complaints that he was too quiet, so that's three times in two minutes we're hearing about it, so the whole rest of this episode just made itself wildly clear. "You just don't wanna put your neck on the line for anything," he says, which is clearly the final nail in his coffin. Credits.

So, um, Aaron's going to get fired this week for not talking last week, I don't know if you got that memo. I can see that -- the whole yucky fusion bowl issue was really just collateral to Heidi's fuck-up, and that's how Arrow really won. And even on their side, all the good ideas were Tim and Stefani. But I like him, a lot. However much "there" is there, and I don't think it's a huge amount, he's very nice and a smart guy, and he is pretty okay to look at. And compared to the rest of Arrow, I mean...

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