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Lesson Two: Leave It On The Playground
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Trump takes us on a quick and shouty trip back to Crazyville with Melissa and Markus from last week, and then we see Kristi's return to the suite. Inside, the women are assuring the men that Melissa is "toast," which bums Chris out because Kristi is the stronger player, and he wants them gone. Kristi comes in and everybody screams, and she interviews that she really thought she was going home. She's clearly riding a wave of adrenaline as she enters, her doofy honking laughter echoing off the walls. It's great, and the relief is just as palpable as it was last week. She tells Marshawn -- and the room at large -- that Melissa got about a hundred times crazier in the boardroom. This is her being polite, see, and low-balling it. Marshawn tells her, "We'll talk about it later," with a very significant look in her eyes, regarding the fact that the walls have ears and mostly very broad shoulders, but Kristi's so hyped she doesn't even really get it. "I'm done talking about it! Time for task number two!" It's fairly cute, and I like her, so I'm sympathetic to her spazziness after the heavy few minutes she's just had.

On the glamorous rooftop terrace of Trump Park Avenue, the women are all wearing coral and pink and orange, and I remember that they dressed alike last week too. I hope this is a conscious team choice, because it's slightly intimidating. Also fun, because you get to see how Alla will tailor her entirely insane wardrobe to the team theme each week. Trump talks about how the Park Avenue building has only just been built, since this is the building where Omarosa got hit on the head and also attacked by racists. Trump cracks a "joke" about this, and Josh laughs. Markus laughs too, kind of. Marshawn? Not at all.

Excel and Capital Edge then learn about their second task. The men all get excited when they hear the word Lamborghini, and start -- to the man -- bouncing stupidly on their heels. Each team has to create a 30-second promotional spot and a print ad campaign using two Lamborghinis, a camera crew, and an editing suite. (I guess the printing press is implied.) He's screaming this information like there's a chopper directly above him. The first judge this week is Linda Kaplan Thaler, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Kaplan Thaler Group, "one of the country's hottest advertising agencies." She introduces herself by telling them she wants a "big bang idea." She's joined by Ehren Bragg, the head of U.S. operations for Lamborghini. He's an oily American Eurotrash type with stubby legs and a dorky haircut. Trump reminds everybody that Markus is not exempt, due to being a total tool, and Josh and Chris grin smugly, because he is their loser nemesis and they've been giving wedgies to Markuses since before their first lunch money shakedown.

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