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The penthouse and the doghouse

Previously on Yooge!: Troy returned from the Boardroom without Heidi, and there was much rejoicing. Especially by me. Troy and Kwame took Boyfriend Bill as the third member of their team, much to Bill's dismay. He didn't want to move to a new house! All his friends go to this school! The task sent the teams to Atlantic City to come up with a game to attract people to the Trump Taj Mahal. (A game besides "Pin The Bankruptcy Filing On The Trump Taj Mahal.") Troy unearthed a wheel that customers could spin to qualify for a drawing to win $1,000, and Protégé seemed off to a good start. VersaCorp, led by Amy, came up with the brilliant idea of raffling off $300 that could be used toward a car rental. Because nothing impresses chick like cruising around in a gorgeous car all, "Yeah, baby, it's a hot one. And it's all mine until 6:00 tomorrow night." Bill targeted the VIPs at the casino to bring in more money on a per-person basis, and as a result, Protégé won the task. (The big tigers didn't hurt, either.) PM Amy let Nick off the hook in the Boardroom and took Katrina to the final table, but not before dropping the news that she thinks the toughest remaining competitor is Bill, which made Nick's face go a little scrunchy. Katrina tried to make trouble with Trump over Nick and Amy's big flirt, but it wasn't enough. She and her princess complex were tossed out onto the sidewalk, where she immediately met up with Ereka and the two of them began a campaign to get their pictures into the New York Post as often as possible, preferably while pouting into the camera and holding twee little girl-drinks that destroy the bad-ass vibe that their jutted-out hips are intended to create. Only five people left. Who will be fired tonight?

Credits. How can you tell how much I dig this show? Oh, yes. I chair-dance during the credits. Oh, shut up, so do you.

There is no Aspiring Corporate Weasel Death Watch this week, because Protégé has just returned from Atlantic City, where they partied all night, so they're snoozing. They'll just talk to the living weasel upon her return, they figure. Thus, a melancholy tinkling piano accompanies us on a tour of S4. The living area? Empty. The other living area? Also empty. The big curvy orange chairs I don't remember ever seeing before? Empty. The kitchen? Empty. Tinkle-tinkle-tink. Only Kwame is awake, and he's working on the computer for some reason. I like to think he's secretly plotting world domination using a complicated piece of software called Fly THIS Under Your Radar, Ass. Troy is sleeping with his hat over his face again, and Boyfriend Bill is buried under a tangle of blankets and a pillow, with just his bare foot hanging out. This is where my jeans and bare feet thing comes up again, dammit. Sigh.

This week, we see the first return from the Boardroom, as the dismissed Nick comes into the bedroom and lets his suitcase drop to the floor. Have you ever noticed that there are knickknack shelves on the wall of this bedroom that have no knickknacks on them? I'm sorry, you can have murals, expensive appliances, and a big-ass computer monitor, but it just isn't home without bric-a-brac. As he takes off his jacket, we see Nick interview that he doesn't expect Amy to be fired, because it's her first loss, and he thinks that if she holds it together, she should be fine. Before long, we see the glamorous high-heeled feet of Amy come in the door, and she calls out, "Nobody here to greet me? I can't believe this!" For she is Amy, and she has arrived, and all conversation and activity unrelated to her shall cease. I like how when she walks in, you can see halfway up her thighs and it still looks like she's naked except for her shoes. It's really goofy that Amy, who looked like the least sexed-up of the women during the early tasks, has by far the shortest skirts. Should I learn something from that? Nah, probably not.

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