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The Money Shot

After Marilu's firing, Piers and Lennox return to the suite alone, where their remaining teammate Carol is waiting for them along with Trace, Stephen, Tito, and Omarosa of Empresario. Now that the board room is over, Lennox freely admits that he was sleeping during the task, and even during the board room a little bit. Piers continues to push the issue, and Carol calls over, "Leave it in the board room." Piers vows that while Lennox may be good at getting out of trouble, Piers isn't going to let him get away with it. Go ahead, Piers, and dash yourself against the immovable wall that is Trump's naked admiration for Lennox Lewis.

Stephen gets his mom on the speakerphone to tell her about the second win for her cancer foundation. We also learn that her nickname for him is "The Flea," which cracks me up, only because Stephen appears to hate it. At first she thinks he's calling to remind her to send Trump a thank-you note for the check she got after Stephen's first win. But he's really calling to tell her about the $20,000 check he's sending to her. Stephen gloat-erviews about being the only two-time winning PM of the season, and how much he enjoys being in that position.

Trump, George, Ivanka, and some client types meet up with the Apprenti in the lobby of the new Hearst Building with an editor from Redbook magazine and a couple of execs from Dial Soap. The task is that the teams will each be putting together a four-page magazine ad spread for some new "Dial Nourishing Yogurt Body Wash." Yogurt body wash? That sounds...gross. While Trump is talking about PMs, Omarosa speaks up first, quietly saying to her teammates that she wants to be PM. But when Trump warns that PMs are in danger of getting fired, Omarosa quickly adds, "Unless somebody else does." Trump continues lecturing while Omarosa tries to get Tito to take it. He's just trying to ignore her and listen to the boss. Finally, Trump finishes talking, and Empresario agrees that Tito will be their PM this time. As for Hydra, Carol decides she has to step up as PM, since she's been on the cover of Redbook five times and she can't really duck this one. Although as she says it, she looks like she's about to have to eat something on Fear Factor. Trump says he doesn't want to look bad if he has to fire one of the only two remaining women, but Piers confidently says you don't get fired if you win. As usual, he's got a point. "It's going to be very interesting," Trump says. As usual, he is wrong.

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