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King for a Cray

I hate to say it, but with Gary Busey gone we're left with all competent celebrities. I don't know that she'll win, but I'm really proud of Lisa Rinna for making it this far. I felt like she would have done a good job on her last season had she not been fired. So the only oddballs we have now are Marilu, who has a lot of energy and memories, and Trace who I'm still not convinced gives a rat's ass about any of this. I'd like it to be Penn and Lil Jon in the final two.

Back from the boardroom, Lisa and Penn are still reeling. Lisa is a bit hurt by Gary's accusation that she was yelling, albeit unfounded, and Penn is glad that his one wish to be on a team with Gary Busey came true and lasted far past midnight.

Just after the theme song, during which we remember La Toya was on this show, Lil Jon presents a check to the American Diabetes Association. They gladly accept it.

For this task, Donald Trump rolls in with former winner John Rich (who should not have beaten Marlee. Man, that was a great season). I wonder if he and Trace are friends? Is it racist to think that all people who wear cowboy hats are friends? Anyway, Donald Trump talks about baseball as though he knew anything about it, then introduces the executives for this week's task: Foxwoods Resorts. For the task, the teams will plan a party to show off the luxury Foxwoods experience.

This is a bigger money task, with a total of $100,000 going to the winning celebrity's charity. Lisa Rinna volunteers to be project manager because she wasn't listening when John Rich just told them he has raised all the money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Marilu volunteers on the other end. Girl fight.

Team Power sits down in their small suite up high in the Barclays Center and tries to figure out what the hell Foxwoods is. The executives come in to tell the celebrities that Foxwoods is a large resort with "something for everyone." Foxwoods resorts has named the five types of people who go to their resort after face cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Joker). Marilu thinks it's great, and I think it's atrocious. The celebrities are to pick one of these characters and design their suite around it. And if anyone is getting shirts made, I'm a Joker.

The resort is also privately owned by a tribe that I won't even try to spell. The executives say they try to incorporate that by playing "native flute music" in key areas around the resort. Sounds fun.

The teams need to pick their character, and Team Power is thinking that Penn will want the Joker. Lil Jon and Marilu like the King, and Trace thinks they should go with either the Ace or the Joker. Lisa and Penn do, in fact, want the Joker. It makes the most sense. Lisa goes to negotiate with Marilu. The negotiation is not a negotiation. Marilu wants the King, Lisa wants the Joker. They split off to be stressed out in their individual suites.

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