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The Mane Event

In the Hydra suite post-board room, the remaining members of Hydra -- Piers, Lennox, Trace, and Tito -- gloat over their most recent victory (this makes five, in case anyone's counting) and the defeat of Piers's mortal enemies on Empresario, Omarosa and Stephen in particular. Piers boasts that he'd rather quit than get stuck with the women's team. I'm going to shake a little salt on those words Piers just said, just in case. The Empresario suite, on the other hand, is fairly quiet when Omarosa and Marilu return from the board room to join Carol and Stephen. In an interview, Omarosa boasts that she's always in control of what happens on her team. Big talk for someone who's been beaten five times this season. And then both teams are summoned into board room, "immediately." To watch the credits, apparently.

Oh, but the credits are over and they're still there. Trump doesn't invite everyone to sit down; he's just going to switch up the teams. No more gender divisions. He assigns Tito, Marilu, and Trace to one team, with Lennox, Carol, and Omarosa on the other. That leaves Piers and Stephen. So which of his two mortal enemies is Piers going to be stuck on a team with? Be sure to watch all of the commercials to find out!

After the break, Trump seats Stephen with the new Empresario, and a very bitter Piers next to Omarosa on the new Hydra. So Trump starts talking about Central Park and how awesome it is, thanks largely to the Trump buildings that surround it. That brings us to this week's task: running horse-and-carriage rides through the park. The team that makes the most money at it wins. Pretty simple, right?

At the Empresario suite, Trace steps up to be PM, since he's the only one on the team who's never done it. They joke a bit about the appropriateness of Trace leading a task that has to do with horses. Trace's charity? Something to do with severe food allergies and anaphylaxis, from which his six-year-old daughter suffers. Christ, Trace, how am I going to make fun of that? Give a guy a break. Empresario gets to work on the phones, shaking down everyone they know. Things hit a slight wrinkle when Trace snaps at Stephen for having him give people "incorrect" directions over the phone, failing to realize that 59th Street is the same as Central Park South. Stephen all but calls Trace a hick. Not very Christian of him.

At Hydra, Piers is serving as PM, and calls a truce with Omarosa until the end of the task. They shake on it and everything, And then his very next order of business is to tell everyone that if he ends up in the boardroom, he's bringing back the people who raise the least money. Which he knows is going to put Omarosa at a disadvantage, what with her not being a real celebrity and all. I can't imagine her fundraising potential will increase by much after this episode airs.

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