The First Leaf That Hits the Ground

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Carla Sparks: B- | 1 USERS: C+
The Coolest Guy On the Beach

Gary agrees they should have displayed the products more. Stephen backpedals around his directing and poor decision-making. Penn makes a point eloquently that they discussed displaying more of the products but wanted to be tasteful, then admits that Gary should be fired as project manager. Penn hesitates when asked if the other team's video is better. Everyone continues to pretend both videos are stellar works of art and advertising.

Gary brings Stephen and Penn back into the boardroom. Gary hands Stephen the blame, sort of half-heartedly and without commitment. Stephen blames time, and that his only job is to direct. He's boring, he's not good TV anymore, he should be fired. Gary says Penn should not be fired, Donald agrees and excuses Penn from the boardroom. Stephen flounders a bit, as the main person responsible for the losing product, and is then fired for being too stupid and boring to continue. Gary lives to molest executives another day.

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