The First Leaf That Hits the Ground

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The Coolest Guy On the Beach

Trace, who thinks cavemen are the pinnacle of comedy, breaks a chair just by sitting on it. Marilu compares Trace to Fred Flintstone and/or an animal. Trace acknowledges that he is "a housebroken caveman," that's why they're so funny. Meanwhile, Brande lotions up the other cavemodels and it is sexy to Caveman/Project Manager Trace.

It looks like Plan B managed to incorporate the koala somehow, by holding a stuffed animal. Don Jr. visits and notes that this team seems very relaxed and not rushed. It doesn't seem like Gary is really the one in charge, of course, but it doesn't matter as long as the product comes out OK in the end.

The flawless Ivanka Trump stops by Team Power, and seems almost flustered by Trace Adkins in the caveman outfit. Trace says Ivanka laughed at him for "what seemed like an unbearable length of time." The plot for Team Power's product seems about as discernible as the other team's. A caveman is sad, then he finds a portal that leads him into the '20s, then comes out in 1986, when some jackass drew that damn koala and they've been sticking with it ever since.

Gary Busey decides to focus on his acting, so Stephen Baldwin steps up as the director. Stephen Baldwin considers himself a fantastic director, but nothing can make Gary Busey a good spokesperson for any brand. Lisa notices that Stephen is running the show, and no one knew what would happen until Stephen put them in front of the camera and tried ideas.

Trace is actually a pretty good caveman. Not that the story makes sense, or didn't lose purpose along the way. Marilu tries to nitpick details like the way umbrellas opened in the 1920s, but they should clearly be more concerned about the big picture and incorporating the koala. Lil Jon knows this, but is probably tired of Trace's attitude and stubbornness. Marilu will also remember everything about this day in history, so let's make it a good one, team.

Now, on to the editing bays. Penn tries to take on the editing, but Stephen wants to direct this, too. Penn thinks the playback should be a bit fast, like an old film, but Stephen says that loses the nuance. Stephen doesn't understand what Penn means when he says the speed covers up "some stuff that doesn't quite work." Penn means that it covers up some of the stuff Stephen did that is shitty.

The editing is rushed, and a hot mess for Team Power. Marilu and Brande are high stress, Trace and Lil Jon don't care as much because they know whatever they produce is bullshit anyway and has very little bearing on their careers.

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