The First Leaf That Hits the Ground

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The Coolest Guy On the Beach

Back at Plan B, they are discussing a male and a female character, and the female is afraid of the sun. Gary says she's a vampire with a day pass, and they went to the desert but forgot the peyote, and the "vampire thing" is just "the element of surprise." It is difficult to follow, especially for celebrities without their assistants. Stephen asks who will be the director, and Gary says that everyone will participate in everything together.

Team Caveman is still stuck, with Trace, on this caveman thing. I've never seen someone so bull-headed about a caveman idea. Trace probably relates to cavemen. Simpler times. The Bad Idea Train barrels ahead, pushing past the stop at Reason Station. Trace tells his team they don't need to worry about product integration (one of the three criteria they will be judged on), and will just throw that in at the "end thing" along with brand messaging. He wants to tell a story about cavemen, dacknabbit.

Plan B is doing possibly worse at this point. They are still brainstorming, going nowhere coherent. Gary is shaking bottles of bronzer at Stephen in agreement, Penn is suggesting a flasher coat full of products. Maybe Sydney, the coolest flasher on the beach, is wearing it? Who knows.

Gary tells Stephen and Penn to go to the studio and come up with a shot list. This should be Gary's job, Lisa says, but goes shopping with Gary. Which team's ship will sink the fastest? Either way, Sydney will be watching it from his keg at the beach, through a pair of loud, expensive sunglasses.

Penn and Lisa suggest that Gary wear beachwear for his look in the silent movie. Gary doesn't want to wear it, so he plays his project manager card in refusal. I'll be shocked if this "movie" makes a lick of sense. Lisa has learned how to work with Gary, to suggest things to him like a child to make him like her idea and think it was his own. Gary ends up in beachwear.

Team Power, not Gary's team, is much more on top of it, getting ready for production. Marilu is convinced that she is the one to bring this team a much-needed win. She micro-directs everything, and puts the actresses to work blowing up beach balls.

Gary's team has a loose concept, which does not involve the koala bear. All for a "silent movie," that is 45-60 seconds. So, really, a commercial designed to look like The Artist. Their concept is that a boy and girl are on the beach, the girl is scared of the sun, Gary shows up, and the product enhances the relationship between the boy and girl somehow. Stephen loves it; Penn knows it's dumb but cares about this as much as Trace.

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