The First Leaf That Hits the Ground

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The Coolest Guy On the Beach

At Team Power, Brande suggests a historical look back at Australian Gold using a mad scientist character putting products on a white body. It is a better idea than Stephen Baldwin's generic "old to new" suggestion. Lil Jon, who lost his season's Australian Gold challenge, highly recommends using the stupid signature koala bear on the bottle. They lost for not using that horrid bear. Marilu jumps in with something about a mom frantically spraying on the beach? We all sigh in unison with Trace, who shakes his head at this brainstorm.

Trace suggests a caveman who is sad because he has a sunburn. He says caveman + modern situation = comedy. They land on an "old to new" approach, starting with the caveman because Trace knows with every fiber of his being that cavemen are always funny. I just don't understand Trace at all. I don't relate to him, I don't know what kind of TV shows he is watching, or where he got the idea that cavemen are comedy gold. Geico commercials? He's always confident, though, and I respect that he probably thinks this show is stupid. He's right about that.

Enter the Australian Gold executives. They confirm with Plan B that yes, Sydney the Koala Bear is of the utmost importance. He may be a terrible logo from the '80s that the brand is still clinging to without hope or direction, but he is also "the coolest dude on the beach," with no need for sun care products because he's a koala with fur and lives in trees, not on the beach.

Gary, ever the realist, notes that he has been to Australia and he has only seen koalas eating eucalyptus leaves and taking baths. They are not on the beach, typically. Then Gary asks them "what's yellow smell like?" A valid question.

"We like you, Gary, you're fun," the Miss America executive says condescendingly. Gary thanks her for the tip. This executive, Katie, is creepy; she never blinks. And who knows what the guy next to her is there for? Moral support? Security? Eye drops?

At Team Power, Lil Jon confirms that the fragrance, the feel, and the koala are all important. Australian Gold is old news to him. Trace seems exhausted with this team, getting up and walking away mid-conversation. Lil Jon probably should have been the project manager on this one, since he has done a task with Australian Gold before and knew the right questions to ask. Trace doesn't want to play these games.

"Sitting with the executives, it costs you time. Let's just implement what we've come up with: the caveman stuff," Trace says. Lil Jon confers with the group after the executives leave and Trace says he still wants to do the caveman stuff.

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