The First Leaf That Hits the Ground

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The Coolest Guy On the Beach

The much-hyped "Busey's in charge" moment is upon us. That's why this one is two hours long: it's going to be full of Busey quotes. Last episode, Gary Busey's genitalia was "spinning like a Ferris wheel" but Plan B won and Dennis Rodman was fired. Everyone is relieved to see Trace Adkins walk back into the post-task cocktail hour. They were less excited when Trace began to disclose the meaning of a "peeker" in cowboy/scatological terminology,

Penn travels to "Opportunity Village," a charity that helps people with disability train for work to make dat money. He grants them with $40,000, then kind of makes fun of one of the women with a disability for dropping the check. I still like Penn, though, and think he has a good shot at winning this season. We just need to eliminate Gary and Stephen and we'll have the best contenders left.

Donald Trump meets the celebrities at the top of a building to make a loose connection to film. Lots of movies are made in Manhattan, they have a view of Manhattan, the task is to make a silent movie promoting Australian Gold. Australian Gold is all about spectacle, and "sun care," which is probably a made up term since "tanning" got a bad rap.

Australian Gold "brings color to an otherwise black and white world," get it, celebrities? The connection to this task is about as strong as Trump's connection to the task presentation locale, but celebrities can't ask questions. They will be judged on brand messaging, product integration and creativity.

Trace, Lil Jon and Brande are in for a new team member. Marilu joins the unlucky Team Power. Trace wanted Penn because he thought they could make a strong team. Trace knows who is a good player, and knows that Trump doesn't want to unite them unfairly because this show has to last another twelve weeks or so. The project managers are Gary Busey, as advertised, and Trace.

Despite the presence of Gary and Stephen on her team, Lisa Rinna feels confident in Plan B. They have, technically, an Academy Award winner as the project manager of this silent movie task, what could go wrong?

Gary suggests making the movie set in the '20s, but Stephen suggests making it contemporary and Lisa agrees since they are selling "sun care" and people were quite pale in the olden days. Stephen has the completely unoriginal idea of "going old to new," using the product. Gary thinks that will be a "conflict of artistic interest." Lisa Rinna tries hard to see the good in Gary as a leader for the team.

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