The Final Showdown

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Lesson Twelve: The Customer Is Always "Right"

Rebecca is very on-task with her team, allowing a few seconds for them to thank her for picking them, and she gives interview that they are "loyal" and "intelligent" and in some cases "underestimated." She leaves out the part where they also share the quality of not being Josh, whom she wanted first. She appoints Toral the accountant, and then there is montage of her being very orderly and good at management. I have to say, I really think Rebecca's improved. That's not the high premium on this show that it is with, say, America's Next Top Model, so we don't spend too much time on it, but I've been noticing each week that the whole deal that bugged the team her first go-round as PM, when she was like, "Don't do this, don't do that, don't waste time, don't irritate me" and there was bristling, she's not really doing that at all. And I like that she modified her approach, and I've been meaning to mention that. Anyway, she interviews that she's learned that success in this game always comes down to the team effort, not one person, and she's happy to trust her team on this. The music gets very excited, the cars pull out into the street, and...hit crawling traffic. The music is not discouraged by this.

Mark interviews that he trusts and really respects Randal, and that he will do everything he can to get "Superman" elected to the Trumpanies. He underscores that there's "nothing wrong with Randal." Randal delegates the three main areas of the task: Marshawn will handle the VIP Party -- excellent, all that hospitality and VIP list stuff she likes -- Mark's in charge of field logistics and the commentators -- also great -- and Josh will concentrate on charming the charity and dealing with the fundraising. This is a thing Randal does really well, isn't it? This delegation thing. Josh interviews that Randal is wonderful and that he will do "anything" to make sure Randal wins.

Over with Capital Edge, James explains about the Glaser Foundation and the Yahoo sponsorship, about how (for both teams) the task is about meeting the needs of both entities at once. There will be 300 guests at the comedy show, including 100 VIPs. There will be a valet service, Toral is really short, and James is amazed by how many "moving parts" there are for Rebecca to worry about. Toral interviews that being called back is such a great vote of confidence by Rebecca that they have to repay her with doing a great job. So wait, what you're saying is, when Rebecca risks her own position by showing confidence in you, the proper response is to actually give it a fucking shot? I'm confused, Toral. Maybe you'd better start at the beginning. I'm not actually smart enough to be your administrative assistant, and I've somehow made my peace with that, but maybe you could explain this to me like I'm a fucking kindergartner, because I think I'm missing something. You giant asshole.

James gives that exact same interview everybody else has given about how he wants to support Rebecca, Randal's a "great guy" but he's here to win! He's here to "beat Randal!...with Rebecca!" Chris immediately starts that self-hyping shit, whipping everybody into stiff peaks about how great the venue is and how it's going to be totally lush or whatever, and Rebecca interviews that she's never done any event planning before, but "will react in the same way" that she has done everything else: with a "can do" attitude and freakish unblinking laser eyeball intensity. They discuss flow, getting people down to the actual fundraising event and not just staying in the VIP area or something, I don't really know because I can't visualize this at all, either team, the camera work is really skimpy on layout and there's not really a very clear picture in terms of space, spaces that they're working in, so there's...I know there's going to be a stage, and a Thinking-Chair-lookin' deal, and bartenders, and that's all I really know. Joe Piscopo. There will be areas, basically, and people will be in these areas, I think, at some point.

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