The Final Showdown

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Lesson Twelve: The Customer Is Always "Right"

Carolyn asks how that might go, considering that Rebecca recommended that she be fired (and remember, it was explicitly due to team dynamic that Rebecca said that), and Carolyn basically asks Rebecca to prognosticate Toral's behavior on this task. I'm like, "Ugly and incompetent to a degree you might call trippy?" But that's just a guess. Rebecca smiles, and just as the cagey mystical oblique thing is getting tired, she levels: "We'll see." Carolyn says it might be risky, and Rebecca gets intense: "I understand." Carolyn returns the serve: "Yeah?" It's so awesome. Randal's end pick is Marshawn, the only one nobody fought about, and Carolyn breaks it down: Rebecca gets James, Chris, and -- she kind of shudders -- Toral, and Randal gets Josh, Mark, and Marshawn. Then everybody gets celebratory about how they've got their teams picked out, and how now they have employees. Everybody kind of stares around the table with their fists clenched, because they're having an adrenaline conversion issue where the body is still signaling fight/flight but it's just in reality time to eat sashimi in their dress-up clothes.

Flash Quiz! Choose three:

Volatile, brilliant, abusive, controlling, business-minded genius with a heart of ice
Secretly smart, outwardly pliable doormat with a head for presentation and a pilot's license
Soft-style manager with a sweet heart and giant hair who cannot deal with men at all
Brassy and "bold" shrieker with a tendency to ignore crucial stuff in favor of bitching
Milkshake-hating self-enthusiast with a chip on her shoulder and a hateful nature
Pointless party planner with a literacy problem and a tendency to cry inappropriately

Self-hating racist freakshow with a general lack of sanity and inability to shut the hell up
Creative thinker with a paranoid streak a mile wide and his "bitchy" knob broken off
Shy Jewish boy from Atlanta who jumps at loud noises and adult content
Total space cadet with a loser's incompetence and a whiner's sense of entitlement
Tiny manager who can't stop babbling but does well with logistics
Chubby metro guy with really good business skills and a secretly bitchy, cliquish nature
Some guy with dimples who's into baseball and never talks
Illiterate hick with a charming smile and a simple love of all things, especially Randal
Gigantic gay ex-football player with a love of sassy fabrics and bud vases

Harder than you thought, huh?

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