The Final Showdown

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Lesson Twelve: The Customer Is Always "Right"

Trump sends them to his "favorite restaurant" which is a "wonderful restaurant" and whatever, Megu, where they will be having dinner with George and Carolyn. The timing on this is weird, because he just crept through his secret passageways from Bill and Carolyn, but now George and Carolyn are over at Megu waiting on them. Trump points out that this a good opportunity to get inside his head, like that's a place you'd ever fucking want to visit, and Rebecca breathes, "Wonderful!" He tells them that one of them will win, again, just in case they weren't clear, and then warns them that tomorrow will be hell, so they should have a great meal while they still can. Trump leaves and they shake hands and grin sweetly at each other, and Randal's like, "It's about to get crazy." Rebecca shoots him a snaky look, that super-spy look she does with her gorgeous hair in her face and they glare at each other like they're going to get into a knife fight, and then they fall all over each other giggling, and that's the best part of the entire episode.

George has his first sashimi and makes the obligatory joke about how it's going to climb off his plate, and Carolyn smiles affectionately and quips that "It's all about adaptability." First of all, word, but second of all, is this how high-powered executives really talk all the time? "I've never had sashimi before." "It's time to step up to the plate, my friend." Randal interviews how lucky they are to have this opportunity, of course, and then asks for some final advice from Carolyn and George. Instead of an answer, we clip to George explaining that they need to pick their teams. They're like, "This evening?" Yeah, by the end of dinner. This is clearly the most fun Carolyn's had in a while, and she smiles intensely throughout this entire scene, asking brightly, "Have you thought about your teams yet?" Rebecca has, of course, and then fills us in interview that she's thought "long and hard" about it "long before this" and just goes all crossword-with-a-switchblade on the concept of team-picking, finishing up that she "will get them" and she will not "take no for an answer."

Carolyn's so excited right now, it's hilarious. It's like she's at the circus! But not the fun one with clowns and bears on bikes, the other one. With the lions and Christians. Randal says that he wants Josh, James, and Mark. Rebecca -- with that intense "my integrity Mr. Trump" face that makes you think she's got a gun on you -- calls Josh, James, and Chris. I pick Josh, Chris, and Alla, but Carolyn doesn't care who I want because she's so excited there's a conflict here. "Well, you have a problem!" It's so delightful, this, that she says it like she's saying, "Well, you have an annuity!" or "Well, you have a package waiting from Dean & DeLuca!" They look at each other, and Randal interviews that once he saw Rebecca with her game face on, he realized, "It's on!" So I guess he's seen her with her game face not on, which concept I cannot fathom.

Rebecca offers Randal Josh for James, and Randal asks whether Chris is really her third pick, and without blinking, just repeats herself: "I'll give you Josh for James." She says it with a head-flick that is really eloquent on the theme of "Don't fucking worry about it and don't even try to change the subject until you answer me. I've got a fork." They grin at each other and Randal looks slightly less crazy than Rebecca right now, and Carolyn is loving this so, so much. It's wonderful. Randal accepts: "I'll take Josh for James...I would want Chris second." She grins and flicks again. "I picked Chris from the beginning." He is stumped. "You knew, didn't you, that we were going to have to meet somewhere in the middle? Or did you think you were just going to get your way completely?" Carolyn almost fucking high-fives her.

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