The Final Showdown

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Lesson Twelve: The Customer Is Always "Right"

Next week, it's "the Brightest Final Two Yet" as Rebecca's lack of Piscopo "spells disaster" and Randal's "bad weather could end it all" and then there's the live hiring, it's all very exciting.

We didn't really learn a whole lot this week, because it's the endgame and so markedly different in format. There wasn't even Trump's Weekly Wisdom! What are we supposed to do? Well, no, actually, we got the best and most useful lesson of this season: we saw a couple of really good illustrations of how you have to put the client's needs at the forefront without letting them piss you off, or else take over and do your job -- somehow reassure them that you exist to make them happy, without letting them micromanage you. Even charities: Their aims are not yours, they have their own angle and agenda, and can't be shagged to worry about yours, so they're going to demand all of your attention, and so we learned you can't let them sidetrack you. And that the same thing applies to your gender. We learned that Toral can be in an episode without taking over, and is occasionally helpful (although you might want to check out the Extra Bonus Footage at the Yahoo! site for additional truths about this concept). We learned that, despite what this show would usually have you believe, being hardcore and good at business doesn't necessarily imply acting like an abusive assface -- that competition and respect can coexist. And it's nice!

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