The Final Showdown

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Lesson Twelve: The Customer Is Always "Right"

Josh and Randal joke around in the limo on the way to the ballpark -- and now they're both kind of making no sense when they talk -- to meet with the Outback CEO. He is so mean-looking. Randal explains the layout, and the sequence of events, how all three parts of the event will take place on the field. Outback Jerk wonders if they don't need tents for all attendees, in case of inclement weather, and then laughs like a carrion bird about "Don’t wanna jinx you!" Randal laughs weakly and is like, "You mean us, right? We're in this together, right?" And Outback gets really threatening: "No. It'll be your fault if it rains." Everybody laughs. Randal is not pleased by this style of humor. Clouds immediately begin to race across the sky, competing to see who will soak the ballpark first.

Rebecca welcomes a bevy of Yahoo! execs into the club. They are all incredibly intense. Like, enough that they make her nervous, rather than welcoming her into their intense tribe with open arms. She notes that if they change their minds on this, Day Two, she's screwed. They ask her a thousand questions that are about tiny details but seem really scary and hardcore, which is fine, because that's the point, but they are seriously acting like if she gets one wrong, they'll pull a lever and she'll go crashing through the floor and onto spikes. Wenda, the Hazy Shade of Wintour one, gets dicey about asking for donations, how that's going to work, because she doesn't want their VIP's to feel begged or bugged or harassed or put on the spot, and Toral picks up on this: "Are you opposed to us directly asking for a donation at a table...[or] when individuals are leaving…" Way to read a room, Tor, and it's awesome how she caught it and jumped in. Now just continue to do that every day of your life and we won't have any more problems. Wenda says that this would be crossing the line, and the intense Yahoo! guy says he'd prefer to just have the envelope in the gift bags. Rebecca interviews that you always listen to the client, so they will get whatever they want -- and we're back to thinking that the dollars raised will be the deciding factor again. Honestly, how could they not be? Maybe we're just overthinking this.

Cut to Mark, setting up everything. I mean, everything. He talks about how he wants the field "completely set up by the time" he leaves, and we watch him running around and doing stuff and being a total trouper. Upstairs, Marshawn and Josh and Randal talk and marvel and gasp and wonder and ooh and aah in astonishment at all the shit Mark's getting accomplished. While nothing. Nothing. Nothing beyond having an intense and very impressed conversation about what a great worker Mark is, how much he is doing. Marshawn says that "I'll Get It Done" is like his middle name. The whole thing is so surreal -- there's got to be more to this. What were they really doing up there?

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