The Final Showdown

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Lesson Twelve: The Customer Is Always "Right"

P.S. Alexis sends her best, also. Speaking of indeterminate sexuality.

At Party City you get the bassoon of impending failure, and the stompy-face editing we've been getting, I don't know if that's a real thing or a red herring, because they're both dumb. I love Rebecca, but I'm going to feel all kinds of M. Night Shyamalanned if Randal doesn't get hired next week. Mark's world-weary and Party Citied out about this shit, and we are treated to a montage of all kinds of plastic crap that they're shopping for, and Mark's about as comfortable here as he would be at the OB/GYN and just whining: "Ribbons, place cards...I don't know why it takes all four of us…" Neither do we. Neither does Randal. Josh finds some megaphones and distracts the cashier while Randal goes sprinting out the store with them. Mark explains again that he's already rescheduled with the guy, but Randal is too busy counting random pieces of plastic crap and Mark's begging to go to this meeting, and Randal pulls rank. So Mark has to call the dude -- his whole assignment for the day -- and there's a pretty awkward conversation. Like, you try to imagine being Mark, having to make that call. ("No, actually I'm not calling to reschedule for a fifteenth time, I'm calling to cancel altogether. Sorry I wasted your entire morning for you. Um, I'd prefer not to tell you why because it's too embarrassing.") It's just too yucky. Mark interviews that this is the first decision of Randal's that he's not in complete agreement with, and bemoans the fact that they're already off schedule.

Capital Edge meets with Jake Glaser, the son of Elizabeth Glaser, in whose memory the foundation was created. He is wearing a suit jacket. He is also wearing tennis shoes, dirty jeans, and a ratty baseball cap. To a business meeting. They talk about how Jake will be talking at some point during the evening, and explains that he's grown into the spokesperson for the foundation, a face that people can put to the cause, and he tells Rebecca that she's there with them, and Rebecca responds that it's an honor to be working with this foundation.

I still really need to know how this works. I've thought about it a bunch of times, how like AmFar, you've got all these wacky personalities and they do a whole thing about AIDS, very awful, very urgently terrible, everybody's sad and they crack open their wallets and maybe Sharon Stone stands up and starts talking about some entirely unrelated thing, and everybody makes fun of her, and then...something happens...and Margaret Cho's cracking jokes. It's the something that I wonder about. Like, do you have the "This foundation was started by my mom, who had AIDS" and then segue into hilarity? Or do you put him at the end, to sober people up for the ride home? Or stick him in the middle, like an intermission? Like you just hit pause on laughter? If I were classy, I'd already know this because I would be going to benefits all the time, like on The O.C. I've gotta work on that.

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