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Previously on Ask Not For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls: Chris loudmouthed his way into playing PM for a bridal shop task, and found himself overmatched by the shockingly competent Sandy, who made hay on her own turf. While she easily found the angle, which was to sell discontinued dresses for a song, Chris didn't even know where to begin to whistle a happy tune. Everyone tried their hardest to make it look competitive, what with Wes bonking into parked cars and all, but in the end, Apex took another sound thrashing -- perhaps the soundest of them all -- and in a very anticlimactic Boardroom, Chris went home. Oh, and Mosaic PM Kelly earned himself an exemption without, it appeared, doing a damn thing. Eight people are left. How fast can we get rid of them? Well...I'm glad you asked.

Credits. The only thing that makes me any happier with the people who remain is gazing at some of the people who are gone, Stacy.

New York skyline porn. Slow music, taxis, and up in S5, the ACWDW. Kelly nervously eyes the door. Jen explains to us that Chris was "somewhat lackluster" on the wedding task, and that everyone had figured he would be gone before too long. "So this seemed like the right time," she says. She sees everything coming from a mile away, you know. And indeed, before long, the other folks note the return of...Ivana and Kevin. Andy tries to give Kevin a back-slap hug that sort of fizzles. It's partly because Kevin is so much bulkier than Andy that Andy winds up looking like a Chihuahua trying to hug a Doberman. Ivana gives Sandy a phony little embrace and reports that she needs a glass of wine. Oh, don't we all. And then right in front of Jen, Ivana recounts the story of how she and Kevin reamed Chris for keeping them while letting Jen -- whom Chris freely admitted he was only "superficially friends with" -- go free. Ivana interviews again that this really pissed her off, the way Chris brought her and Kevin in and let Jen off the hook. And I really don't like Ivana, but I do think it's pretty funny when she says, "And I think he was probably falling prey to her hypnotic fembot spell." Complete with little chest-aiming gestures on the word "fembot." Back in the kitchen, the fembot herself takes a little more needling from Wes: "Maybe that's your secret, Jen," he says evenly. "You know how to dog somebody out in a really nice way." Heh. Burn. And also, exactly. And also, maybe Wes should have asked for a lesson. I'm just saying. Everyone else laughs, especially Ivana; Jen makes a sour little bitchface.

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