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Let's Make A Deal

Previously: Jose played gay. Busey flashed "Big Wednesday." Lil Jon won. Nene was surprisingly awesome. Dionne was a quitter. Back up in the suite, the guys are celebrating their third win in a row and feeling sorry for the ladies, when they hear the ladies arguing in the hall about Dionne. John Rich says it was "palpably sad" when the women came back in, and he feels bad for Nene. Nene cries about how rude Dionne is, and Star tells her Dionne's gone, so get over it. La Toya tells Lil Jon she knows she's dealing with sneaky, cunning girls, which is why they're giving her no work and then saying she doesn't do anything. Just then, the teams are all called back to the boardroom. Lil Jon wonders what the hell this could mean? Could it be time to split the teams up? I guess we'll find out after "Money, money, money..."

Boardroom. Trump wants to talk to Nene about the ugly goodbye between her and Dionne. They all agree Nene may be a lot of things, but she's no coward. Trump tells them it's time to start their next task. "I'm a big fan of art. I have many, many wonderful pieces throughout various homes. I love looking at the art. I love touching the art. I have fun with it." Why does that sound so dirty? Also, why doesn't he just say, "I'm very, very rich and in love with myself"? He tells the teams they're going to create their own works of arts, which can be painting, drawing, sculpture, whatever. They will put it in a gallery and sell it to whoever they want (friends, family, whatever). They'll also design and sell New Era baseball caps. Whichever celebrity designs the best one will get a sizeable donation for their charity. Don and George (George!) will be Trump's advisers. La Toya and Marlee get in a bit of a tiff over who will be project manager, but Marlee wins, so she's it. John Rich is Backbone's PM, because he wants to show Trump how generous country music can be. Someone will win a lot of money, and someone will be fired.

Backbone's discussing art. Let's ask Busey what art is: "A-R-T. A righteous truth. ... Because you need heart for the art, and the art brings the heart. Therefore they go together. In a wonderful way. In a composition. That embraces. They eyes. Of the viewer." It's probably mean to make fun of someone who has actual brain damage, but it's almost impossible not to with Busey. Back in their war room, John Rich calls someone named "Charlie" (Sheen?) and tells him he needs big checks. The guy's going to fly a jet in from Nashville with some big donors. He's guaranteeing $500,000 from himself, and tells everyone they have to bring in something. Jose interviews that it's impossible for him. Rich says that he will hold it against them later if they don't bring in any money.

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