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Fighting the Fairway

This season: Sixteen plucky Apprenti left behind one set of broken dreams and flocked to Trump Towers to have another set handed to them by Donald the Duck Hair himself. There were catfights, gladiator costumes, doggie disappointments, cheating scandals. Last week, Trump reignited the sex wars for a QVC task. PM Liza and Brandy won, so four were narrowed to three with Steuart's elimination. Now another firing looms on the horizon...

Liza, Brandy, and Clint sit in the waiting area as Trump deliberates on the final verdict. Liza recalls the many attacks she's faced and is proud that she at least made the F3. Brandy says her passion got her through the emotional travails. Trump calls everyone back into the boardroom. Clint says with absolute confidence that one of the women will be fired. Credits.

Boardroom. Trump asks Brandy why he should hire her. She rattles off a five-minute monologue of her greatest hits, from moving out of the house as a teenager and financing all of her top-tier schooling to working with senators and high-power business and legal professionals. She thinks her personality, drive, and experience are a good fit for the Trump Organization. Trump asks her which of her opponents is weaker. She goes in through the back, saying Clint is stronger. Trump turns to Clint and asks why he should be hired. Clint launches into the same Clint of All Trades speech he used last week to vanquish Steuart. He calls himself a "CEO in a box," saying he can fit in anywhere that Trump decides to place him. Trump asks which of the ladies Clint deems stronger, and he says Brandy has the edge.

Finally Trump turns to Liza, acknowledging that she's hung in there pretty well given the many attacks on her. Liza says this show is about second chances and hope. She thinks she embodies these ideals. She points out her Kenyan roots and how she has accomplished amazing things in America. She says working with Trump would skyrocket her career. Trump tells her she's already been boosted by the show, as have Clint and Brandy. Trump asks Liza who is the weakest at the table, and Liza says Clint is stronger. Trump finally begins to announce the decision he already made. He says Liza didn't play well with others, even though he saw a lot of promise in her. He tells her she's outstanding but needs to get along with other better, then fires her. She walks out on what she considers a bad note and tears up that Trump had a bad impression of her social skills.

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