Take Me Out To The Boardroom

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Lesson Six: Don't Swing When You're Selling
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What a fantastic episode, you guys! The end has shock value, the Boardroom has mostly competent points, the middle has some pretty funny goobering around, and the beginning has a mind-blowingly excellent reshuffle. Let's start there, shall we?

It's rainy and contemplative now that Kristi is gone, as though the skies are heaving a sigh of relief now that she's back in Georgia and not talking shit behind its back. Felisha is retelling the whole "team dynamic" conversation from last week -- where Randal narrowly avoided indicting her as a crappy PM, so it makes sense that she would remember that part particularly well -- for Alla. She then interviews that she'll be "devastated" if Kristi doesn't walk through that door, because without Kristi's nightly programming she'll just start walking into walls and repeating useless phrases about how Melissa and Toral were clearly the problem, clearly the problem, clearly the problem like Kristy Swanson in Deadly Friend, all "I'm a very lucky girl very lucky girl very lucky girl."

James has a baseball bat over his shoulder -- did you guys know anything about him? Or, more to the point, did you know anything else about him? -- and looks snarkily surprised to see...Jenthura walking in! Marshawn totally hugs her like she's never been more fakely excited in her whole entire life, and Jenthura interviews that she "has more potential than Kristi" (not true, in my opinion, although she's better at most things involving people, being super-sweet, believing in things, or all the things that make her who she is). She has a huge bedsheet-sized pink scarf around her neck, during this interview, and looks wacky. Alla interviews that she hasn't been PM yet, and that they need to be "one cohesive unit" and she's going to "make that happen," so I guess we're done with Kristi and the whole thing from last week. Again, talk is talked about how we're leaving all that behind, but A) we're not, and B) Carolyn and Bill (but mostly Carolyn) sure as hell are not down with this plan. Carolyn does not forget, nor does she suffer big-haired fools lightly.

Next morning, we learn that Clay is really, really cute when he first wakes up, before he loads his head up with six pounds of L.A. Looks Extra Super Mega Hold. Rhona calls, and says to pick a PM and go to the Boardroom, which Clay finds "interesting." So does Josh, who interviews that when this happens -- picking a new PM in advance of the task -- something "funky" is going on.

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