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Lesson Ten: Keep It In The Aughts

I think that's actually what it's like in her head, you guys. I've talked about this before, like how when she wakes up in the morning she first laughs bitterly that the snooze button is for the weak, then lies there for a second planning her attack on the coffeemaker, then springs across the room in one mighty leap and defeats her clothes, then does the Times crossword with a switchblade and clotheslines her RSS feed, wrestling it to the floor and squeezing it blue for up-to-the-minute news and gossip, all within fifteen minutes. While timing herself. Maybe it's imaginary Rebecca I'm in love with. Clearly I want to be her, at least.

While they agree on getting even more hardcore and intense with each other, and it seems cool, Randal interviews once more that even though she apologized, there's still the issue that this misperception of his back-seating it is out in the ether. Which is a good outcome, for the situation: there may be lingering trouble, but I find there's a subtext here that he's shouldering the burden of disproof. Which, admittedly, can only happen once he's back in the Boardroom, but at least it's a lot better than some people might have reacted, Clay and Markus. They got to the point the second they got back to the suite, Rebecca opened the lines of communication about the comments, they cleared it out and she apologized, and both acknowledged that it's about moving forward. Even with just two of them that's still precisely the opposite of what Cap Edge did numerous times in this circumstance, not to mention the fact that Randal's concerns had legitimacy, and weren't merely based in "hurt feelings" crap. Not that the situation could have been reversed -- Randal's way too cool a cucumber to say something that unconsidered -- but still. Hopefully they're actually good about it, and can get moving. Randal gives a hoo-rah ("Let's do this tomorrow") and Rebecca gives it right back. Good deal.

How Do You Cope With Adversity? Your teammate has just, inadvertently or not, put you on blast as a lazy bitch in front of your boss. Do you:

A. Complain to your teammates.
B. Complain to your boss.
C. Complain to the camera.
D. Overcome any forthcoming obstacles in such a way that nobody can deny your power, and talk loudly about how powerful and amazing you are at every opportunity. Using as many overblown and ridiculous metaphors as you can, if possible.

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